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Mad Paws Insurance 2015

At Mad Paws, the safety of our Users, Sitters and Pets is of the utmost importance and concern.

In Australia, Public Liability cover is a legal requirement for people looking after pets for money. As in accordance with Australian law, if a domestic animal causes an accident or injures a 3rd party, the person who is in control of the animal is responsible.

As such Mad Paws wants its Sitters to be able to provide a fun, and safe service, but not have to foot the bill for an insurance premium for helping out their local community members!

That's why we at Mad Paws have organised and arranged a Public Liability insurance policy offering peer-to-peer pet sitting cover, just for Mad Paws Members for services booked on our site. And guess what? It’s for FREE.

Please find below definitions regarding our insurance policy:


Public Liability: This section of insurance indemnifies you (as a registered pet sitter with Mad Paws Pty Ltd) against any third party claims from any individuals who allege that through your actions, or in actions, caused Personal Injury or damage to them, or Property Damage and Mad Paws Pty Ltd is found legally liable to pay by way of compensation.

Errors and Omissions: This section of insurance provides cover to Mad Paws Pty Ltd and pet sitters for claims which they shall become legally liable to pay by way of damages for financial loss solely and directly attributable to any negligent act, error or omission resulting in financial loss to a pet owner by way of wrongful advice.

Care, Custody, Control: This section of insurance provides cover to registered pet sitter with Mad Paws Pty Ltd for physical loss to pet owners dogs and cats whilst under their physical control or possession.


Mad Paws Sitter Insurance

$10m – Public Liability  – for any one occurrence and in the annual aggregate

$100k – Errors and Omissions – for any one occurrence and in the annual aggregate

$100k Care, Custody & Control – for any one occurrence and in the annual aggregate


All Claims by the Sitter are subject to a $1000 deductible payable by the Sitter.


In case of a claim, we will endeavour to look at each situation and consider, at our own discretion, whether and if so how we can be of any support.


For which services?

The insurance policy applies for all services booked through This includes:

  • Boarding
  • dog walking
  • cat care
  • bathing
  • grooming
  • transportation



It is important to understand that the insurance does not cover the Sitter for at-fault liability and the following:


  1. Damage to the Sitter's personal property (such as damage to the Sitter’s property or vehicles) or the sitter’s medical expenses
  2. Injuries to the Sitter or Sitter's family caused by the pet
  3. Injuries to the Pet of the Sitter
  4. Pet Sitters cannot have any criminal convictions in past 5 years (excluding traffic violations). 
  5. Pets with any medical conditions requiring ongoing treatment must be referred to Mad Paws for approval
  6. Pets involved in a previous attack with another animal or human that required medical treatment
  7. Pets listed on the Dangerous / Menacing Dogs listing of relevant local council of Australia (see list below)
  8. Treatment of pre-existing veterinary conditions, illness or old age
  9. Stays or Services booked outside of
  10. Damage or medical care required as a result of meet and greet appointments
  11. Animals other than dogs or cats
  12. No commercially run boarding kennels will be covered.
  13. Reduction in Value; this policy does not cover for the 'value' of any pet’s 'show' value.
  14. Breach of professional duty; such as not following the Mad Paws Rules or walking an animal off a leash in an area where this is reasonably considered not to be suitable.


List Of Dangerous / Menacing Dogs



Pure-breed dogs


 Pit Bull Terrier


 Basset Griffon Vendeen


 Tibetan Mastiff




 American Staffordshire Terrier


 Bouvier des Flandres




 Toy Fox Terrier


 South African Boerboel


 Bulldog (american)


This above list extends to any cross breed of the above pure breed dogs varieties noted.   


More information


Mad Paws does not charge anything for this insurance. The insurance is provided under a policy underwritten by a third party and is subject to fulfillment of applicable terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

For more detail and legal definitions, please see our terms of service.