Introducing Dr. Cherlene Lee, our new guest blogger - Mad Paws

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Introducing Dr. Cherlene Lee, our new guest blogger

We recently featured Dr. Cherlene Lee's amazing pupcake recipe and got lots of great feedback on that. So much so that we've asked her to be a guest blogger for Mad Paws! From now on, Dr. Cherlene will frequently share her insights and knowledge with us. 

In order to give her a proper introduction we sat down for a quick Q&A with her. Please email us at if you want to ask her another question or if you have a topic you would like her to blog about!

Welcome to the Mad Paws Pack, Cherlene! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am often referred to as Dr Give-Me-Treats by my fur-patients. Fur parents know me as Dr. Cherlene Lee. I have a 5 and ½ year old Cavachon named Siao Chu (Little Pig), which I rescued. He is the love of my life. To say that I have separation anxiety being away from him is an understatement!

My second home where I spend most of my time is at My Vet Animal Hospital, which I started 15months ago and where Siao Chu is our little organic door bell.


Tell us about My Vet.

Besides being a vet hospital, we are actually very different. We have created a community and a lot of pet owners will drop by with their pets just to say hi. We throw parties (we call them pawties!) every 6 months for all our fur babies. We take our pawties seriously, from doggie beers, candy bar, homemade pupcakes (humans can eat them too and they are delicious), dress ups and more! We also carry out workshops for pet owners at our local park.

Our hospital is set up to not have any vet-feel to it. Filled with lots of natural light, cool graphics and really funky décor. Our mission is to revolutionise the way people see, treat and love their pets!


We just checked your blogs on your website; you have a lot of cool blogs!

Thank you! Everyone that is part of the My Vet team has their own special interest when it comes to writing the blogs. I love all things nutrition, giving cool tips to pet owners and also have a big love for cool pet gadgets and pet fashion! Kazia is our little baker while Jaycee loves all things pet related. We write what we love and we hope that clients love what we blog about too!


Your pet recipes, they range from pupcakes to amazing cookies, have you tried them?

Yes I have! The idea is to create something that both pet owners and their pets can enjoy. This is also to educate pet owners that some food are toxic to dogs and shouldn’t be fed to their fur babies, like chocolates and garlic.


How did you hear about Mad Paws?

I first heard about Mad Paws via social media and coincidently, my partner works in the same building as Mad Paws HQ. I completely fell in love with the whole idea of pet sitters and pet minders because it actually brings happiness and comfort for our little fur babies. Who wouldn’t want that? Furthermore, Mad Paws actually comes with pet insurance, so even better. Nothing better than knowing that your pet would be well looked after when you are away at the comfort of a home!


Has Chu ever been boarded into a kennel facility before?

Chu has never been to a kennel before and I wouldn’t be brave enough to do so! He is a little precious and wouldn’t be happy being in a kennel environment. He would probably sulk all day long and Chu, being Chu, will probably starve himself! I always get a pet minder/pet sitter or one of my colleagues to look after Chu when I am away. That is why I got super excited when I heard about Mad Paws! A selection of sitters and minders to choose from, what more can one ask for?

Mad Paws guest blogger Cherlene Lee and her dog Siao Chu