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Pet Sitting Questions

Everyone knows how happy their pets are when they’re with them, just look into their eyes. But when you’re not there you know they’re not happy. In our opinion it’s best to have someone that can give them the attention they deserve when you’re away. Let’s see what Dr. Lisa thinks.

Why is a pet sitter a good idea?
Having your pet looked after by a loving person in their home or yours is an awesome idea. It also means that your pet can stay in their local area, which may help reduce stress levels for your pet and you.

Why choose pet sitters over kennels?
When an owner travels and leaves their pet behind, it can be quite stressful for an animal. I think that leaving a pet in their own environment or a similar loving home will help alleviate some of their anxiety. Kennels can be quite overwhelming for an animal due to confined spaces they may be left in, as well as the noise and scents of other animals.

Why did you want to become an ambassador with Mad Paws?
I love the concept of having loving people in your community sign up to look after your pet. It means that you know the person who’s looking after them and you can personally select the perfect sitter for your friend in your local area.

How much space should I be looking for so my pet has enough room when I’m away?
If you are unable to arrange for a pet sitter to move into your home, you should try find one that lives in a place with a similar amount of space to yours, or even more. This way, your pet won’t feel confined, unless you know that space won’t matter to them and love is all they need.

I’m worried my pet won’t be looked after as well as I would! What should I be looking for in a pet sitter?
Arrange a Meet & Greet and come prepared. Write out a list of questions you have for the sitters you are looking at. This may include how many hours they’re at home, what kind of job they have and if they may get held back, whether they have had pets before, etc. Ideally you want to choose someone who will be able to spend as much time with your pet as possible. When meeting them see if you get along well. It’s kind of like a first date – you never know, it might be love at first sight.

  • Write out a checklist for your pet (especially if there are dietary and medical requirements) and see if they are okay with this
  • You can also write a list of likes and dislikes your pet has so their experience can be just like home.
  • Allow your pet to go for quick walk or hang out with your potential pet sitter and see if they get along well
  • Observe what your pet is like after being with them. Are they happy, scared, relaxed or angry? Read their body language
  • Maybe the sitter will have other people who are around. Try to meet them as well, especially with your pet.
  • In the end go with your gut feeling!

Why can’t I find my own sitter somewhere else?
You can but:

  • They are not verified
  • They may not have any reviews from previous sitters which adds to the risk
  • There isn’t any insurance to cover issues or accidents that can occur
  • It’s always a great option to ask family and friends, but it’s not covered by insurance.

I’ve never used a pet sitter before! What should I pack for my pet?
Imagine that your pet is moving house and needs to grab its favourite things. My opinion is that it’s always a good idea to take your pets bed, favourite toys, food, medication, collar / body harness, lead and also some of their most valued treats. The bed gives them a comfortable spot to relax and reminds them of home. Their favourite toys and treats can be used to create an instant bond between your furry friend and their minder. The rest are essentials… like taking a toiletries bag with you!

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