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Q&A With The Dr

We wanted to know about Dr Lisa Chimes’ animal loving history and why she’s devoted her life to them.

Why did you become a vet?
I’ve always loved animals and had a passion for medicine, so becoming a vet seemed like the perfect combination of my interests. I can proudly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, because I truly love my profession.

Tell us about Nelson and Lucas?
They are our beautiful Cavalier cross Poodles – Nelson is 9 and Lucas is 5. Nelson is eternally loyal and will be by my side no matter what. Lucas is a bit of a flirt – he is a social butterfly and will happily sit on the lap of whoever gives him the most attention. They are both wonderful companions to our human son, who absolutely adores them – they are always so gentle and patient with him.

What are great pets to have that may not be as mainstream as dogs and cats?
Rabbits make wonderful pets! You can train them to use a litter tray and they can come to you when called. I used to have a rabbit called Simon, he behaved like one of my dogs. Just like any pet, they need a lot of exercise and attention to keep them mentally and physically healthy.

What’s your favourite pet story?
This is a tough question to answer! There are so many pets and families that have touched my heart and I really don’t have a favourite. I love any situation where I get to reunite a pet with their family after recovering from an illness – seeing the joy on their faces is honestly the best part of my job.

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