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Mad Paws Enters into Partnership with Naked Wines

Are you a wine connoisseur? Perhaps a wine newbie who’s looking to learn a thing or two about the nectar of the gods? Do you sometimes struggle to know what to bring to a dinner party when the host says “Don’t bring anything?” If you answered “Yes” to any of these, Mad Paws’ partnership with Naked Wines will be music to your ears.

Naked Wines is your direct connect to New Zealand and Australia’s best winemakers. By directly investing in local winemakers, they’re able to obtain exclusive wines at up to 50% of the market rate. They do this with the support of their members, called Angels, who always get the best deal! No waste, no intermediary – just quality home-grown wines at low prices.

Through this Naked Wines partnership, members of the Mad Paws Community will be able to claim a $100 wine voucher. Mad Paws CEO Alexis Soulopoulos said the offer is a brilliant way to reward Mad Paws’ pet lovers.

“By being part of Mad Paws, our Pet Sitters and Pet Owners have contributed to Australia’s largest pet-loving community,” Soulopoulos said.

“We’re always looking to give back to our members, and this partnership is a great way of doing that.”

Likewise, this pairing will invite Naked Wines’ 100,000 Angel members to participate with Mad Paws.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Naked Wines’ Angels into our pet care community,” Soulopoulos said. “Whether you have pets that need care or would like to become a Pet Sitter, Mad Paws is for you.”

However, this partnership runs deeper than commercial purposes. In fact, both Mad Paws and Naked Wines share a passion for local small business. Moving forward, they hope to assist each other to empower small business owners across Australia and New Zealand.

To claim your $100 wine voucher, obtain and redeem your code here.