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Mad Paws Partners with Pawssum Vet to Home Services

Mad Paws. Pawssum. Mad Paws-sum?


Mad Paws connects Australian Pet Owners with trusted, local Pet Sitters. Pawssum connects Australian Pet Owners with qualified, local vets around Australia. One is the Mad Paws of vet services, the other is the Pawssum of Pet Sitting. Between the two, a pet will want for no manner of care. Let’s be honest: it would have been utter madness if we HADN’T partnered. 


Thanks to Pawssum, you can now remove the stress from treating your ill pet. Instead of needing to ship your already sick and anxious pet to a clinic, you can simply order a vet to come to you. After a vet visit, you can also access their patient notes via their app. This lets you remain up-to-date on your pet’s condition without needing to call your vet or visit their clinic. With over 120 vets across Australia, and over 5,000 pets treated in their own homes, Pawssum is the real deal. 


Indeed, for members of the Mad Paws community, the deal just got a whole lot realer. Through this partnership, qualified vets will be providing monthly guest articles on the Mad Paws blog. From canine osteoarthritis to improving your pet’s gut health, their vet experts are here to cast light on the key issues. 


However, the deal gets EVEN REALER YET. In tandem with our Pet Sitter Management Team, Pawssum are creating a first aid programme for all Mad Paws Sitters. Soon, every Mad Paws Pet Sitter will have access to a vet-designed, vet-approved first aid course. In other words, your Pet Sitter will now be better prepared than ever to care for your pet.


The next time your furry friend is feeling under the weather, don’t try to lure them into a carrier. Contact Pawssum and have them send the vet to you!