Pet Sitter Support Manager - Mad Paws

Pet Sitter Support Manager

Join the Mad Paws team!

Mad Paws is a Sydney-based Internet start-up. We are Australia’s largest marketplace for pet sitting and pet related services. With 25 million pets and counting, Australians love their pets and leaving them while they are on holiday, at work or even just during the day can be stressful for both the animals and their humans! Mad Paws takes away that stress and allows pet owners to search for nearby sitters to find someone who really cares to look after their best friend when they can't.


Mad Paws launched 3 years ago and we have been showing strong and accelerated growth, which we are very excited about. The Mad Paws Pack is made up of a talented and passionate team working towards creating the largest pet community in Australia. Our team is driven, capable and very hard working! We are young and hungry; enjoying every minute of this exciting adventure with a clear goal to win!


About You

Our pet sitters are vital to the success of Mad Paws and we take pride in the quality of sitters we have available on Mad Paws. The safety of all pets during bookings is paramount to us, and so you’ll be primarily responsible for maintaining the high standard of sitters and continuously looking for new ways to help ensure every booking runs as smoothly as possible for our pets and pet owners. As Mad Paws continues to grow, the need to ensure that our sitters continue to provide a high quality pet sitting service has become more apparent.

This is a newly created role where you will be part of the Operations Pack and you will oversee all sitter related tasks. A large part of this new and exciting position, will be to help us improve the processes we have in place as well as creating new processes where and when they are needed. You should have strong writing skills, knowledge of Excel and hands-on experience in dealing with customers. We are really looking forward to having someone who is focused on helping our sitters do the best job they possibly can and ensuring we have enough supply for our exponentially growing demand!


Your responsibilities:

  • On-boarding & Training:
    • Executing our sitter verification process to screen, vet and on-board our new pet sitters;
    • Answering all queries on how to become a pet sitter, reviewing pet sitter documentation and providing badges;
    • Updating the educational resources we have in place for our sitters, including our online training course and any sitter related Knowledge Centre articles;


  • Service Quality & Control:
    • Following up on bookings to make sure the quality of the service we provide is kept to the highest standard;
    • Executing processes that are in place to make sure that all our sitters are active and responsive on Mad Paws;
    • Rewarding those pet sitters who have continuously provided exceptional services to Mad Paws pet owners;
    • Building a great relationship with our pet sitters, and learning from them to continuously improve the way we interact with them;
    • Conducting monthly and weekly analysis on our pet sitters to make sure that we remove any sitters who are not living up to our standards.


  • Strategic & Operational:
    • Collaborating with the Operations Team Lead to process and follow up on all sitter payments;
    • Working closely with the Marketing team to:
      • Find the right candidates for our ‘Pet Sitter of the Month’ blog feature, and;
      • Assist with all pet sitter Marketing related contents when needed;
    • Pro-actively searching for process & product improvements and communicating these to the Product team;
    • Working together with our Account Management and Customer Success teams to:
    • Understand the needs of our customers and how this translates into (new/potential) service requirements for our pet sitters;
    • Keep an eye on the pet sitter supply levels and timely communicate to Marketing which areas need to be targeted for recruitment;
    • You will be required to be customer facing at times, and will be communicating with our sitters via email, phone calls and live chat when needed.

Ideal candidate

  • You have a genuine passion for helping people;
  • You are extremely trustworthy;
  • You are an animal lover and have a deep knowledge of looking after pets (Bonus: You have used Mad Paws as an owner or a pet sitter);
  • You love numbers and are either efficient in Excel or are willing to enhance your skills;
  • You understand that Trust and Safety is paramount in our marketplace;
  • Excellent time management skills, ability to prioritise and multitask;
  • You are a great written and verbal communicator and don't shy away from phone or in-person interactions;
  • You can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot problems and are a problem solver at heart;
  • If you don't know the answer, you know where to look and who to ask;
  • You are energetic and enthusiastic;
  • You are self-motivated and take initiatives;
  • You are a great team player.


So you’ve got the skills, and you want to know whether Mad Paws is the right fit for you?

  • If you’re the kind of person who likes to be a part of a fast-growing environment and loves to directly see the impact of your work, then Mad Paws is for you! We’ve got double digit month-on-month growth and we need YOU to help us keep it there;
  • If you love learning from the people around you, as well as taking the time to teach them some new tricks as well;
  • If you enjoy working with a young, passionate and driven team.​


When and where is this happening:

  • This is a full-time position starting October/November 2017;
  • Looking to fill the position ASAP, but we are determined to find the right fit;
  • Great office in the Sharing Hub – 4 leading market place start-ups that teamed up to learn from each other and help accelerate the Australian Shared Economy space.


Location: SYDNEY (Pyrmont)


We’re super excited to receive your applications and we can’t wait to meet you!

  • Tahnee (Head of Operations) and Ellie (Operations Manager)
  • Please e-mail your CV and motivation letter to