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Ziana Pet Care – Dead Sea Spa products for Pets

Ziana Pet Care – Dead Sea Spa products for Pets

Ziana Pet Care is a wholesaler working in collaboration with the Dead Sea Minerals factory in Jordan (The Land of Dead Sea) in the Middle East. They use the latest technology in manufacturing, bringing you a one of a kind innovative idea to benefit your pets. With over 25 lines we promise to facilitate a range of products to suit your pet’s needs and ensuring their well-being. The products are rich in Dead Sea Minerals, Aloe Vera and full of natural ingredients. Ziana is proud to be the first company that brings the proven quality and luxury of Dead Sea Spa products to Australian pets.

About their products
Ziana pet care products are 85% Natural. However, those natural minerals overpower the in their goodness. It won’t affect your pet’s coat or skin, even if in case of sensitive skin.

Ziana Pet Care shampoos are highly concentrated, making it last longer and work more effectively on the coat. Its high concentration makes it easier to use, and more enjoyable. The range of colognes are specially formulated for dogs, they have an amazing and unique smell, that differs to anything else on the market. With scents so close to human cologne, people love the idea and enjoy cuddling there dogs when they have it on.

Each product is formulated to serve a particular function. It caters for all types of coats, coat thickness and colour, and is suitable for all skin types and any skin conditions or sensitivity your pet may have. For instance, the ‘white coat shampoo’ brightens the coat without using bleach ingredients. It helps reduce excessive shedding, thickens the coat and thereby bring the coat to life. The ‘mud shampoo’ reliefs itching hot spots, psoriasis and dandruff.

Ziana’s supplier
The factory that supplies the Pet Care products uses the latest and finest manufacturing technology in producing Dead Sea products. They are the first to integrate Dead Sea minerals in pet care products, and they’re top of the range. The products are produced in a plant that has the GMP (good manufacturing practice) certificate and is constantly being supervised by the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration. This means that the Pet Care line is produced on the same production lines as the human products; all the raw materials used in manufacturing the Pet Care  products are human grade and fit for human consumption.