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Dog Grooming in Altona SA

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3 Dog Groomers near Altona

  • Family Friendly Long Dog Crew

    Elizabeth Downs (23.2 km)

    from $82.00 / session

    Thumbnail of Dani B.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (171)
    Has the following badges:
    • 38 Repeat guests
    • Calendar recently updated
  • Reliable, careful and caring pet helper

    Elizabeth Downs (23.2 km)

    from $55.00 / session

    Thumbnail of Janette  C.
    Has the following badges:
    • COVID vaccinated
    • Calendar recently updated
  • Reliable caring and loving pet sitter

    Elizabeth North (24.6 km)

    from $153.00 / session

    Thumbnail of Kerri n.

Average rating of Dog Grooming

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171 reviews of 82 Pet Owners

Need more information about Dog Grooming in Altona SA?

Regardless of their shape, size, or temparement, your dog deserves to look their best. Beyond mere aesthetics, Dog Grooming also has a major impact on doggy health, mood, and hygiene. Through Mad Paws' Dog Grooming services, your pooch will leave primped, preened, and healthy. Moreover, you can find a local Dog Groomer in Altona SA for the time of your choosing. Indeed, it's never been easier to groom your pup. When you book a Dog Groomer through Mad Paws, you can reap the below benefits:
  • Play – Unfortunately, Dog Grooming can feel like a chore for your pup...unless it's fun. Luckily, that's exactly what Mad Paws Dog Groomers set out to achieve. During their grooming sessions, your dog won't only come to look and feel phenomenal - they'll also have a grand time throughout.

  • Familiarity – Just as humans can have a favourite hair dresser, dogs will have their own preferred Dog Groomers. As pet salons can have multiple staff, you may never know who will end up grooming your pooch. However, under Mad Paws' booking system, you can ensure the saem Dog Groomer every time.

  • Consistency – Nobody wants a haircut from a hair dresser on an "off-day" - and the same can be said of Dog Groomer. For this simple reason, "off-day" is not a word that exists in the vocabulary of Mad Paws Dog Groomers. You can expect the same consistent service from groom to groom.

  • Lower Risk – By booking a consummate Dog Grooming professional, you dramatically lower the risk of a Dog Grooming mishap. Furthermore, you're maximising the chances of your dog feeling content at the end of what can sometimes be a difficult experience for them. Simply said, our Dog Groomers know how to put pups at their ease.