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Mad Paws

Dog Training in Mayfield NSW

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4 Dog Trainers near Mayfield

  • Experienced and enthusiastic pet sitter

    Abermain (29.7 km)

    from $28.00 / session

    Thumbnail of Haylee P.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (9)
    Has the following badges:
    • 3 Repeat guests
    • Police check
  • O’Reilly K9 Dog Training & Boarding

    Kilaben Bay (19.6 km)

    from $197.00 / session

    Thumbnail of Liam O.
  • Heaven for pets and owners alike.

    The Hill (5.3 km)

    from $22.00 / session

    Thumbnail of Erin M.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (1)
  • Reliable pet sitter who adores your pet

    Rutherford (28.3 km)

    from $33.00 / session

    Thumbnail of Pantea M.

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Need more information about Dog Training in Mayfield NSW?

"How to train your dog" may sound like 80% of a Pixar movie title, but it's actually a complicated process. In fact, Dog Training is both an art and a science. On one hand, you need someone with an encyclopaedic knowledge of canine behaviour. On the other hand, your pup will only thrive under the guidance of a dog lover who cares for them. Enter Mad Paws Dog Training! When you book a Dog Trainer in Mayfield NSW, you can expect the following benefits for your pooch:
  • Companionship – Above all, doggos are social animals. This means they respond best to feedback from Dog Trainers who have forged a companionship with them. To achieve this outcome, Mad Paws Dog Training pros will always work to organically develop a friendship with your furbaby.

  • Lower Risk – Neglecting to train your dog is a risk. However, it can just as much of a risk to leave them with the wrong Dog Trainer. With Mad Paws Dog Training, you can avoid that danger completely by meeting the Trainer before you book them. In this way, you can assess their training style before you commit.

  • Familiarity – Building trust is a cornerstone of successful Dog Training. With Mad Paws, you can depend on a Dog Trainer who puts in the work to bond with your dog. That way, your furbaby won't be learning Dog Training from a stranger - they'll be spending quality time with someone they know.

  • Freedom to Play – While Dog Training benefits from structure, there's nothing to say it can't also be a playful experience. Quite the contrary - Dog Training is at its best when learning coexists with play. This is the philosophy Mad Paws Dog Trainers bring to every training session.