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Mad Paws Accident Cover

Last Updated: 17 Feb 2020

At Mad Paws, the safety of our Users, Sitters and Pets is of the utmost importance and concern.

In Australia, Public Liability cover is a legal requirement for people looking after pets for money. As in accordance with Australian law, if a domestic animal causes an accident or injures a third party, the person who is in control of the animal at that moment is responsible.

As a Pet Sitter you have a duty of care to your client. Mad Paws Accident Cover protects you, the Pet Sitter, for any financial risk you may incur whilst looking after a pet. If you are deemed to be negligent resulting in death or injury to the pet, members of the general public or damage to property of a third party, then Mad Paws Accident Cover provides you with the necessary financial protection.

That's why we, at Mad Paws, have organised and arranged an Accident Cover which provides cover for all Pet Services booked and paid through the Mad Paws website.

*Note 1: All bookings must be paid in full before the start date of the booking.
**Note 2
Accident Cover should not be confused with the usual illness cover that most pet owners may already have for their pets.
***Note 3: Mad Paws
 Accident Cover is also always secondary to any relevant pet insurance the pet sitter or pet owner may already have.


General overview and definitions

  • $10m - Public Liability - for any one occurrence and in the annual aggregate;
  • $100k - Care, Custody & Control - for any one loss and in the annual aggregate.

Please find below definitions regarding Mad Paws Accident Cover:

Public Liability: This section covers the Sitter’s legal liability for injury to third persons, and for damage to property of third persons, caused by a pet under the Sitter’s care or custody. 

Care, Custody, Control: This provides cover to registered pet sitters with Mad Paws Pty Ltd for physical loss to pet owners whilst their pets are under the Sitter’s physical control or possession. 

All Claims are subject to a $350 deductible payable by the Sitter.

In case of a claim, we will endeavour to look at each situation and consider, at our own discretion, whether and if so how we can be of any support.


For which services?

Mad Paws Accident Cover applies for all Pet Services booked through This includes:

  • Boarding (Pet Sitting or Pet Hosting);
  • House Visits;
  • Pet Day Care;
  • Dog Training;
  • Dog Walking;
  • Cat Care;
  • Bathing;
  • Grooming;
  • Transportation.



It is important to understand that Mad Paws Accident Cover does not cover the Sitter for the following:

  1. If the Service is being provided at the Pet Sitter’s home, Damage caused by the guest pet to the Pet Sitter’s personal property. This applies to the personal property of all persons living in the same household as the Sitter;
  2. If the Service is being provided at the Pet Owner’s home, Damage caused by the guest pet to the Pet Owner’s personal property;
  3. If the Service is being provided at the Pet Owner's home, Damage caused by the Sitter to the Pet Owner’s personal property;
  4. Bodily harm or physical injuries to the Sitter, Sitter's family or any other person living in the same household caused by the guest pet;
  5. Injuries to the Sitter’s own pet(s) or the pet(s) of any other person living in the same household caused by the guest pet;
  6. Sitter cannot have any criminal convictions in past 5 years (excluding traffic violations). We will ask about this in a phone call as part of the claims process. This information will be strictly used for insurance purposes only and will in no way be publicly disclosed;
  7. Pets with any medical conditions requiring ongoing treatment must be referred to Mad Paws for approval;
  8. Pets involved in a previous attack with another animal or human that required medical treatment;
  9. Treatment of pre-existing veterinary conditions, illness, old age or flea/tick situations. If a guest pet has or had any condition, whether diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian or not, before, during or after the Pet Service, it is considered pre-existing. Any symptoms that are found to be related to stress/anxiety are also considered to be pre-existing as this condition is inherently present depending on each pet;
  10. Any self-inflicted wounds that are caused by itching, scratching, biting, gnawing, etc. due to allergies or any other type of pre-existing condition;
  11. Any council fines and/or pound charges related to the Pet running away whilst under the Sitter’s care;
  12. Pet Services booked outside of;
  13. Damage or medical care required as a result of any Meet and Greet appointments arranged between Owners and Sitters;
  14. All Exotic Animals - i.e. animals other than dogs, cats, rabbits, small birds or guinea pigs;
  15. Boarding Kennels: no commercially run boarding kennels will be covered;
  16. Reduction in Value: this policy does not cover for the 'value' of any pet’s 'show' value;
  17. Breach of professional duty, such as not following the Mad Paws Rules or walking an animal off a leash in an area where this is reasonably considered not to be suitable.


Additional Details

If you believe that any incident is covered under the Insurance Services, you must provide us with written notice of the incident, along with all material documentation available to you evidencing the foregoing (e.g. invoices and veterinary notes from the initial veterinary examination), no later than seven (7) days after the end date that the Pet Services were provided under the relevant Booking.

In order for an incident to be eligible for medical coverage, it must be definitively diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian, without a doubt, to be a direct result of the Pet Service provided by the Sitter. Any diagnosis where the cause is left as undetermined will not be eligible.

In the event that a Pet does require medical treatment as the result of Our Services or Pet Services, Mad Paws will not offer any additional coverage should that Pet require treatment for further damage as the result of the relevant Owner’s negligence.

The Sitter assumes full responsibility for each and every person that enters their residence, and understands that Mad Paws will not offer any medical coverage to these visitors regardless of their affiliation to the Sitter (visitor, partner, relative, friend, etc.), as they are not considered to be a "Third-Party" by our Terms of Service. Any visitor who brings a pet to a Sitter’s home that is not booked through Mad Paws will not be eligible for any coverage under our Insurance Program.

It is every Owner’s and Sitter’s responsibility to have his/her pet(s) fully vaccinated prior to the start of a Pet Service. This also applies for flea and tick control. If any situation arises where either the guest pet or the Sitter’s pet introduces fleas/ticks, the owner of said pet shall be held responsible for all costs related to flea/tick prevention.

Mad Paws is not liable for any costs incurred by an Owner or Sitter in the event that they need to adjust and/or cancel travel plans due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. hotel fees, plane tickets, etc.).


More information

The cover is provided under a policy underwritten by a third party and is subject to fulfilment of applicable terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

For more details and legal definitions, please see our Terms of Service.


100% Guarantee

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