Do you love dogs? Wish you had your own but can't? Want to make some more money working with dogs? Get paid to become a casual dog walker with Fetch!

Why Become a Fetch Walker?

We provide you with the booking requests. No more back and forth communication and sorting out schedules.

Flexible hours. You set your own availabilities! Choose your bookings!

Make more money. Be rewarded for your talents by getting paid up to $28/booking

Do you like walking outside?

Do you like bonding with dogs?

Are you friendly and outgoing?

Are you familiar with basic dog training?

Are you committed to quality care to animals?

Are you physically able to walk several hours a day?

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Modern life keeps us busy, and we often find ourselves not having the time or energy to walk our pouch after a long day at work. 

We are now less likely to have large fenced areas for dogs to play in,  which puts significant stress during their day. However, dogs that are not walked regularly are more likely to form some form of behavioural and/or physical issues. 

Is it critical to ensure that your dog receives the right amount of daily exercise, and that's where we come in

Dog Walks are Vital to Your Dog's Health

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You both get a FREE WALK!

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Get Photo updates and rest assured your dog is having a fun walk!

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