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What is Fetch?

Fetch is a trusted Dog Walking service offered by Mad Paws. We find and vet the very best, trusted, vetted, experienced, and covered sitters in your area and you access them when you need them. We take the hassle away from searching for a dog walker. No more effort in looking for the right fit, we'll do the work for you! Fetch is part of Mad Paws, Australia's largest Pet sitting website.

When can I use Fetch?

Fetch operates 7 days a week, from 8am to 6pm. Walks are booked 2 hours in advance as part of our guarantee to finding a dog walker. 

How does Fetch work?/How can I make a Booking?

1- Simply fill out the booking form requesting a dog walker and providing any special requirements and preferences.

2- Based on this information, the Fetch team finds a suitable Dog Walker matching your criteria. 

3- You receive your Dog Walker's Mad Paws profile and contact details so you can communicate and arrange a Meet & Greet if you'd like. You can also ask to receive updates and photos from the walk from your Dog Walker!

How do I pay for my booking?

After filling out the booking form, you will be prompted to pay for the walk. However, you will not be charged until the walk is completed on the day of the booking! After every Walk, our Walkers log their booking details via their app, and we charge their client accordingly.  For any cancellations, simply email us at prior to your booking.

Note: For customers who use the Fetch App: We charge after 1-2 days a walk has been submitted to our system. As such, payment occurs on an ongoing basis, and is based on the number of walks completed by your Fetch Walker.

Is Fetch for me?

If you're a busy individual that also loves their pooch and want to ensure they get the right amount of exercise then Fetch is for you! Fetch is not a daycare agency and will not be suitable if you're looking for a daily regular pooch walker but we do strive to always provide you with the same walker.

Can I meet and greet the sitter beforehand?

Yes!  For recurring walks we encourage our customers to have a meet a greet so you rest assured your pup is in good hands . At the moment, we also share profiles of our walkers so you can have a glimpse at who they are. if you don't like their profile then we will match you with a different walker!

Will my Fetch Walker be a good fit?

After your first few bookings we'll ask for your feedback, and ask how much you liked your sitter. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your assigned dog walker, contact our team and we'll happily assign you another dog walker.

Can I have the same walker?

Yes, for recurring bookings we match you with a regular walker. We know how important it is to have the same walker be with your pet. If for some reason they're not available,  we’ll give you the option to either change your time or have one of our other stellar walkers walk your pooch.

How early can I book my walk?

Fetch is an on-demand walking service and as such we strive to provide you with a walker within the next 2 hours of your request. 

Where is Fetch currently servicing?

Fetch is currently available in:

  • Australia Wide! (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Cairns, Hobart).
  • Auckland (Operating under 'Mad Paws').

Is Fetch Secure?

Fetch is committed to creating a community dog owners trust. We understand how frustrating it is to leave your pooch with a dog walker, and as such we make sure that all Dog Walkers are trusted, vetted, and experienced.  Also, Fetch is part of Mad Paws, and as such every walk booked through Fetch is covered by Mad Paws Accident Cover. To check out Mad Paws Accident Cover, click here.

How Many Dogs Can I book for?

Fetch can take up to two dogs per walker from the same owner, all walks are private one-on-ones.  If you have more than two dogs, please contact our team.

What are the walk prices?

We offer 45 min for either 1 and 2 dogs provided the dogs are from the same owner: 

1 Dog x 45min walk is $25

2 Dogs x 45min walk $35 Only $10 extra per dog

If you have any extra requirements on top of the walk, please contact our team for pricing.

What are the duration of the walks?

Each walk goes for 45 minutes per session.

How often should I use Fetch?

Each dog is unique. Most dogs require a 30 - 1 hour exercise per day, however more active breeds and larger dogs may require more exercise. Hence why we provide 45min dog walks as it's a sweet spot for most dog sizes and breeds.

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SMS: +61419787649

Who will be walking my dog?

 Trust and safety are our priority! All our walkers have gone through a rigorous process to become Fetch Dog Walkers. They are experienced with dogs, vetted and certified by the Mad Paws team, and are trusted. We also encourage our dog walkers to be police checked.

Are dogs walked off leash?

Fetch requires all dogs to stay on leash for safety purposes unless the owner specifically requests at their own discretion. Dogs off leash are at the owner's risk and are not covered by Mad Paws Accident Cover.

What if my dog has special needs?

Simply mention any special instructions or needs when making a booking request!

Can I communicate with the walker?

Yes of course! Once we find you a walker, we send you their contact details, as well as their Mad Paws profile. You can then organise a meet and greet, receive photos, and communicate with them.

What if the booking is taken outside of Fetch?

Any booking taken offline will not be covered by Mad Paws Accident Cover. Please let us know if your walker requests the walks to be taken outside of Fetch.

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How do I know my dog has been walked?

For customers who use the Fetch App: To ensure your doggo(s) got the exercise needed, you will receive a confirmation email after every walk. Our Walker confirms the start and end time by sending photos and at the beginning and at the end of each walk.

The walk was shorter than expected/My Walker didn’t show up/ I don’t agree with the details submitted by my Walker

We strive to ensure your doggo(s) enjoys a fun walk every time. For any disputes or enquiries about a walk, please contact our Customer Support Team at

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