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Water Testing

Fish can be a brilliant pet for any person or family. They don’t cost much to feed, they require little upkeep, and they can brighten any room in your home. However, like with any pet, fish need special attention to remain healthy. If the right water quality isn’t maintained in their tank, they could face some major health problems. Without regular water testing, this can become a problem before you’re even aware of it.

Fortunately, PETstock is here to keep your tank in tip-top order! Simply come to a PETstock store with a cupful of tank water in a clean, sealed container, and one of PETstock’s fish experts will complete an aquarium water test. No appointment is required, and the PETstock Team will provide the test 100% FREE of charge.

Water testing is a crucial part of fish care. An increase in ammonia and nitrate is common in newer fish tanks, and can quickly result in fish loss. Water hardness from calcium and dissolved magnesium can also threaten your fish, and even a 0.2 change in pH levels can put them in danger. By regularly testing your tank water, you can detect any problems – and save your fish from any hardship.

Once a problem has been identified, PETstock can offer an array of products to make your water fish-friendly again. By the time you leave the store, you’ll not only know what’s wrong – you’ll have the tools to fix it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Visit a PETstock store today to receive a FREE aquarium water test. Your fish will thank you!