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Mad Paws and PETstock have partnered for your pet!

Mad Paws and PETstock: Partners in Pet Care

At its heart, Mad Paws is above love, respect, and appreciation for pets. Our values haven’t changed since Day One, and as we expand, our commitment to pet care only grows stronger. That’s why Mad Paws maintains an exclusive partnership with PETstock, Australia’s largest locally owned and operated pet specialty retailer.

PETstock provide an unmatched range of pet goods and services for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and countless other pets. More meaningfully, however, PETstock share the same pet-focused values as Mad Paws. Since their launch in 1991, PETstock has provided for Pet Owners and animal lovers across the nation. The concept of pet love sits at the core of what they do; the question “Will this enrich the lives of Australian pets and their Owners?” drives every product and service they offer.   

PETstock is also more than just a business model. Their charity foundation, PETstock Assist, has raised over $2 million in donations. PETstock uses these funds to support animal rescue groups to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs, cats and other pets. This not only allows a more cost-effective alternative for Pet Owners – it also provides a loving home for pets who need them. They also choose not to sell dogs or cats in their stores, and instead offer pets through their PETadopt Program. Via this initiative, PETstock works with animal welfare groups to give loveable rescue pets forever homes.

PETstock’s chief services include:

In Mad Paws, PETstock has seen an opportunity to offer leading pet minding services to their customer base. They connect Pet Owners with nearly 9,000 vetted, covered, and trusted Pet Sitters through over 140 stores across Australia. PETstock also promote Mad Paws’ full range of services online.

To browse PETstock’s catalogue of top-quality supplies, or to explore the services on offer for your pet, visit their website.

Check out PETstock’s amazing range of supplies, toys, and services for your pet!