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Pet sitting in Adelaide SA

Book a pet sitter to stop by your home a few times a day to feed and play with your pet.

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384 Pet Sitters

  • Claws N' Paws Pet Sitting

    Clearview (7.9 km)

    $56.00 / night
    Thumbnail of Janice  L.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (9)
    Has the following badges:
    • 1 Repeat guest
  • Reliable and caring pet sitter and dog walker

    Woodville West (8.5 km)

    $68.00 / night
    Thumbnail of Luisa S.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (12)
    Has the following badges:
    • Police check
    • COVID vaccinated
  • Offering Professional Pet Services including our new Outdoor Dog Adventures.

    Newton (9.1 km)

    $73.00 / night
    Thumbnail of Ebony Grace R.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (17)
    Has the following badges:
    • 3 Repeat guests
    • Police check
    • COVID vaccinated
  • Highly Experienced Dog Owner- Luxury Home Stay For Dogs!

    Hallett Cove (18.8 km)

    $56.00 / night
    Thumbnail of Jasmine L.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (5)

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Need more information about Pet Sitting in Adelaide SA?

Mad Paws’ Pet Sitting Adelaide services are your solution to finding the best, and most affordable pet care possible. It doesn’t matter if you need someone to watch your pet for a few hours, overnight, or for a month. It’s absolutely crucial to find a Pet Sitter that you can trust - and who won’t charge a small fortune. Pet Owners are turning to Mad Paws’ Pet Sitters Adelaide because they do everything possible to make your pet happy. On top of that, they do so without breaking the bank.

If you’ve been worried about what to do with your furbaby when you’re away, let our Pet Minders step up. With Mad Paws’ Pet Sitters Adelaide, your pet will receive star treatment, plenty of exercise, and lots of cuddles. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to travel in peace!

Whether you live in Eastwood, Joslin, or South Plympton, our Pet Sitters Adelaide can’t wait to pamper your pet. Next time you travel, leave your furry friend in the best of hands!

Here are a few things that set us apart from other Pet Sitting Adelaide services in the area:
  • No cages for your furry friend - At a kennel, it’s impossible to take care of so many pets without putting them in cages. With Mad Paws, because your pet stays in a home setting, you won’t worry about the Sitter locking them up. Under caring supervision, your pet will have ample space to romp and find the best place to take a nap.

  • Safety - If your pooch gets grumpy with other pets, you can request that they be the only animal in the house. Otherwise, you can schedule a meetup with a prospective Sitter’s other pets to ensure all the furry friends get along. Plus, just having someone whose responsibility is keeping your pet safe is a huge relief.

  • Individualised Care - One of the hardest parts of leaving your pet in the care of someone else is knowing that a stranger can’t possibly care for them the same way that you do. Maybe you heat up their dinner every night. Perhaps you know where that special scratch spot behind the ear is. However, through Mad Paws’ Pet Sitters Adelaide services, you’ll meet the Sitter before you book. This gives you an opportunity to make sure they know exactly how to care for your pet before you commit. Our Sitters want your pet to feel relaxed, so they love to receive instructions on how to make that happen.

  • Predictability - When you’re away, the world can seem like an unpredictable place for your pet. That’s why our Sitters create a consistent schedule for your pet to make them feel more at ease. Even just having the same person caring for them every day will ease your pet’s worries.

  • Affordability - Thanks to our long list of Pet Sitters Adelaide, you’ll not only find great options right in your neighborhood, you’ll also find they’re cheaper than traditional Pet Sitting Adelaide services. In other words, you can get a great Sitter for your furry friend at an affordable price.