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Mad Paws

Dog grooming in Hobart TAS

Book a pet sitter to stop by your home a few times a day to feed and play with your pet.

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9 Dog Groomers

  • Available for the holidays

    Two reliable and active pet lovers!

    North Hobart (1.5 km)

    $28.00 / session
    Thumbnail of Amarina James and Tom Matheson  M.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (4)
    Has the following badges:
    • 1 Repeat guest
    • Calendar recently updated
  • Pet’s Best Friend & Experienced Sitter

    Sandy Bay (2.0 km)

    $44.00 / session
    Thumbnail of Brian K.
    Has the following badges:
    • Calendar recently updated
  • Professional groomer with tons of patience and love for pets

    Hobart (0.1 km)

    $101.00 / session
    Thumbnail of Stanley L.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (1)
  • Available for the holidays

    attentive to every furry friends unique needs

    New Town (3.1 km)

    $34.00 / session
    Thumbnail of Eman G.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (2)
  • Animals are my life. ❤️

    Cambridge (10.7 km)

    $56.00 / session
    Thumbnail of Sarah M.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (2)
    Has the following badges:
    • 1 Repeat guest
  • All the Pets! More the merrier!

    Kingston (10.6 km)

    $28.00 / session
    Thumbnail of Daniel K.
    Rating score: 5.0Total reviews: (4)
    Has the following badges:
    • 1 Repeat guest
  • Available for the holidays

    Fun, caring and a responsible pet sitter .

    Sandy Bay (2.0 km)

    $68.00 / session
    Thumbnail of Nila  R.
  • Available for the holidays

    Organised, Reliable and Trustworthy for all fur babies

    Margate (17.1 km)

    $23.00 / session
    Thumbnail of Isabella Q.
    Rating score: 4.8Total reviews: (6)
    Has the following badges:
    • 2 Repeat guests
    • Calendar recently updated
  • Responsible and reliable caring pet sitter

    New Norfolk (24.4 km)

    $112.00 / session
    Thumbnail of Zoe H.

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Need more information about Dog Grooming in Hobart TAS?

Dog Grooming is an integral part of any furbaby's maintenance regime. In addition to keeping them stylish, Dog Grooming also holds many health issues at bay. Needless to say, it's a crucial tool in the arsenal of doggy maintenance. Having said that, pet salons are expensive, and Owner-conducted Dog Grooming can be a hassle. That's why Mad Paws Dog Grooming offers the ultimate answer. There are a cornucopia of advantages to booking a Dog Groomer via Mad Paws in Hobart TAS. Here are a few:
  • Familiarity – Just as humans can have a favourite hair dresser, dogs will have their own preferred Dog Groomers. As pet salons can have multiple staff, you may never know who will end up grooming your pooch. However, under Mad Paws' booking system, you can ensure the saem Dog Groomer every time.

  • Consistency – Nobody wants a haircut from a hair dresser on an "off-day" - and the same can be said of Dog Groomer. For this simple reason, "off-day" is not a word that exists in the vocabulary of Mad Paws Dog Groomers. You can expect the same consistent service from groom to groom.

  • A Safe Environment – For your dog to be comfortable with a stranger touching them, they need to feel safe. This is where our Dog Groomers' dedication to comfort comes in. Through the crafting of a safe ambient, your Dog Groomer will allow your pooch to feel at ease during their session.

  • Enjoyment – It's hard to imagine a world in which we humans would enjoy cutting our toenails and plucking our eyebrows. However, with the right Dog Groomer, your dog can have a fun time whilst they are being groomed. This is the chief objective of Mad Paws Dog Grooming providers.