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House visiting

Find a trusted Pet Sitter to drop in and conduct a house visit, checking in on your pet (and home).

From over 40,000 Pet Carers Australia-wide

Just need a quick check-in? Choose a house visit.

Care and company

Perfect when you just need a short visit to check-in on your pet, feed and water them, and give them a quick cuddle.

2-in-1 solution

Your pet enjoys a quick check-in during the day to make sure they’re OK. Plus a bonus check-in on your home too.

Professional pet care

Enlist the help of a trusted Mad Paws Sitter who’ll report back to let you know how the visit went.

Peace of mind

Protect your pet & your wallet. All bookings are insured, and our Customer Service team are just a yelp away.

How does a House Visit work?

Find a 5-star Sitter
Confirm and pay to secure your booking ahead of time
Quick & convenient
A quick check-in on your pet (and home) while you’re out
Peace of mind
A trusted Sitter to make sure your pet’s fed & feeling fine


Best pet care, where and when you need it

All sitters are vetted
Coverage of sitters Australia-wide
Every booking is covered by our Accident Cover
Our team is here to help
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Search for a trusted Mad Paws sitter for your House Visit.

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How does Mad Paws work?

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Search for a Sitter
Make a booking
Enjoy peace of mind
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Search for a trusted Mad Paws sitter for your House Visit.


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300,000 of pet sitters on Mad Paws

House Visits

Going away for a few days and need someone to keep an eye on your pet, but you don’t feel you need 24/7 care? Consider house visits!

Rather than someone coming to stay at your place, or your pet going to stay at a Sitter’s house, a Mad Paws house visit is the next best thing!

Perfect when you just need a few regular visits to your home throughout the duration of your time away. You can count on a local, trusted Sitter to check in on your pet (and your home) - to make sure they stay fed, hydrated and get a little attention and exercise while you are away.

House visits are a great way to give your pet some play time or company, as well as check on your home to make sure everything’s OK.

Cat Owners, rejoice. Mad Paws house visiting service is ideal for cats who don’t need much specific care or attention. And for dog Owners, a cuddle and a quick play will keep them topped up until you get home.
  • Trusted, reliable, local: All Mad Paws Sitters are police checked and vetted before being listed on our platform, giving you complete peace of mind.

  • Affordable option: Where you may not need 24/7 care for your pet or home, this option is a more affordable solution where you require intermittent assistance.

  • Security check-in: Not only does your pet get a quick visit and cuddle, you also have someone who can check on your home and make sure everything’s in order.

  • All house visits are insured: All bookings are covered by Mad Paws Accident Cover so there are no extra hassles for you to worry about.

The great thing about house visits is that your pet can stay in their own, familiar space. A Sitter comes to you to check on your home, feed your pet/s and top up their water. They can even administer medication for your pet where needed.

When you just need someone trust-worthy to pop in for a quick visit and check on your house, call on the team at Mad Paws to help!

Where you may need something a little more comprehensive, our pet sitting services will provide the complete care your pet needs. Choose from either pet hosting (where your pet stays at the Sitter’s home) or a pet and house sitting booking (where the Sitter stays at your home while you’re away).