Bondi Vet Partnership - Mad Paws

Bondi Vet Partnership

Mad Paws is proud to partner with Bondi Vet, Australia’s favourite veterinary TV show set against the world famous backdrop of Bondi Beach.


The official partnership between Mad Paws and Bondi Vet launched in 2017 with Mad Paws supporting the national search for the New Bondi Vet.


We’re really excited about this partnership, Bondi Vet is a show very close to our heart and in our own way, both Bondi Vet and Mad Paws are working towards the same goal – to keep pets of all shapes and sizes across Australia happy and healthy! We know that our partnership is just beginning and we’re very, very excited for all that’s to come with Bondi Vet.”, said Mad Paws CEO Alexis Soulopoulos.


As the search for the New Bondi Vet draws to a close and a whole new chapter of Bondi Vet begins, we look forward to continued collaboration with the Bondi Vet team, coming up with new and innovative ways to benefit both parties.


Mad Paws are natural partners for a show like Bondi Vet. They bring the fun, passion and emotion of pets to what they do, and are the strongest advocates of responsible pet ownership. We look forward to bringing Mad Paws customers Bondi Vet content experiences for many years to come,” said Derek Dyson, Head of Digital at WTFN Entertainment.


Watch this space!