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Do you want to find your furbaby more love and care than dog kennels can provide? Reach out to a Mad Paws Dog Sitter!

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Looking for Dog Kennels? Go for an Upgrade. Find Dog Sitters in Your Suburb

Dog Sitter Sydney Better Than Dog Kennels

Airr - Trusted Dog Sitter

“Late booking for a Saturday night. Goldie had a wonderful time, lots of lovely photos, came home smiling and happy. Airr was very flexible and happily gave Goldie her medication. Delighted with the experience and hope to see her again.” – Nicola, Stanmore NSW
Think Dog Kennels Are the Best Option for Pet Care? Wait Until You Meet Dog Sitter Casey

Casey - Trusted Dog Sitter

“Casey’s an awesome guy who obviously genuinely loves dogs, and his place is perfect for Dog Sitting – it’s secure with a big backyard to run around in. Will definitely ask him to look after Saigo again!” – Lisa, Yarraville QLD

None of the Dog Kennels Around Can Compare to Dog Sitter Sandra

Sandra - Trusted Dog Sitter

“Sandy was wonderful with my furbaby Nina! Walks, cuddles, some brushing and grooming and Nina had the chance to play with other dogs. She slept so well on return! Thanks so much Sandy!”- Kerry, Norman Park QLD

Dog Kennels

For a long time, if you needed to arrange care for your furry friend, the only options were dog kennels. They cost a fortune and often lacked the personal touch of a dedicated carer, but what else could you do? Now, with Mad Paws, you have a choice beyond dog kennels.

Mad Paws connects you with insured, trusted, and vetted Dog Sitters who care for your pooch in a pet-loving home. Instead of being kept in a sterile, artificial environment, your pup can be welcomed as part of their Dog Minder’s family. After a booking with a Mad Paws Dog Boarder, you’ll never want to leave your pooch in dog kennels again!

It doesn’t matter if you’re intending to take a lengthy trip or a weekend getaway. Mad Paws Pet Sitters can care for your dog for as long as you need. They also give you a variety of options for your furry friend’s lodgings.

Would you like to give them a holiday while you’re away? Book them in for Pet Hosting and let them stay at the Dog Minder’s house. Would you rather keep your dog in their own home, where they feel safe and comfortable? You can book Pet Sitting and have the Dog Sitter care for your home and your pup at the same time. 

While Mad Paws provides the warmth and personalised care of an individual Dog Sitter, we also maintain the highest standards. Mad Paws thoroughly screens each and every Pet Sitter when they apply, with only one in four applicants being accepted. We also monitor all active Dog Minders to make sure they’re constantly earning high reviews from their clients. That way, you can be secure in the knowledge that your Dog Sitter is giving quality care to your pooch. While your pet is staying in Dog Minding, their Sitter will check in with you regularly and give you updates. In dog kennels, by contrast, you’ll normally only hear from the carer in the event of an emergency.

The next time you take a holiday, give the dog kennels a miss. Mad Paws Dogs Sitters are based across Australia, and can’t wait to care for your pup!

How Does Mad Paws Work?

In three easy steps

1. Search for Dog Sitters

Find trusted and caring Dog Sitters offering dog minding in your neighbourhood

2. Book a Dog Sitter

Meet & Greet your Dog Sitter and book your first dog sitting session

3. Have peace of mind

You’ll receive regular text and photo updates, free insurance and 7 day customer support

Peace of Mind with Local, Trusted and Insured Pet Sitters

Trusted Community

Verified Pet Sitter profiles, customer reviews and ratings.

Free Mad Paws Insurance

All dog minding booked through Mad Paws is covered by liability insurance.

Booking Guarantee

If your Pet Sitter is no longer available, Mad Paws makes sure your pet is cared for by another.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Mad Paws?

    Mad Paws is your #1 go-to pet sitting community online in Australia, where pet owners can find trusted verified and insured pet sitters near their homes. With more than 8,000 trusted sitters, you can book in any pet-related services such as pet sitting, dog walking, day care or house visiting. Whether you are going for a few hours or for an extended holiday, Mad Paws wants you to enjoy your holiday with peace of mind, knowing that your pet is not only safe, but also having fun!

    Mad Paws is best explained in this video!

    For more information about how to find a pet sitter, click here.

    Mad Paws also wants to give you the best customer experience – so if we can ever help, please contact us by email –

  2. What other services does Mad Paws offer?

    Unlike traditional pet minding services such as kennels and veterinary clinics, we offer a wide and unique range of services that aim to engage and make your pet feel as loved and as happy as they do at home. The services that are available through Mad Paws are:

    • Pet Sitting – Is overnight pet sitting in the pet’s home. The pet sitter can house sit and pet sit at the same time.
    • Pet Hosting – Is overnight care at the sitter’s home. This is where your pet goes and stay’s at the pet sitters’ house.
    • Doggy Day care – Is daytime care for your pet, this can be done either in the pet’s house or the pet sitters’ house.
    • Dog walking – Is where a pet sitter can come and walk your dog for you, the length of these dog walks are flexible depending on the needs of your pet.
    • House Visits – Is where a pet sitter can come once or twice a day, to check on your pet’s and feed them. They can also spend an hour or two with your pets as you require.
    • Pet Grooming – Is our Pet Grooming service, and can be done either at your house or at the pet sitters’ house.
    • Dog Training – Is our dog training service, and can be done either at your house or at the pet sitters’ house.

    Service rates will vary in price depending on the age and size of the pet, the number of dogs, and the length of the stay. Make sure you read all the information on the sitter’s profile before making a booking. We also strongly recommend completing a Meet & Greet to discuss the details of the booking as well as meeting the pet sitter prior to the booking. To find the perfect pet sitter on Mad Paws you will need to follow the steps outlined here.

  3. What does the Mad Paws Insurance cover?

    At Mad Paws, the safety of our pet owners, pet sitters and pets is of the utmost importance. We want our pet sitters to be able to provide a fun, and safe service, but not have to foot the bill for an insurance premium to helping out their local community members! This is why we, at Mad Paws, have organised and arranged a Public Liability insurance policy which provides Insurance for all pet sitting services booked in through the Mad Paws website.

    The insurance policy applies for all services booked through This includes:

    • Boarding (Pet Sitting or Pet Hosting);
    • House Visits;
    • Pet Day Care;
    • Dog Training;
    • Dog Walking;
    • Cat Care;
    • Bathing;
    • Grooming;
    • Transportation.
    Mad Paws offers free Public Liability insurance (not to be confused with the usual illness cover that most pet owners already have for their pets). Public liability covers any damage or injury to a third party or their property which is due to negligence of the pet sitter whilst the pet is under the pet sitter’s care. Please note that there is a $350 deductible for any Insurance case, and this is payable by the pet sitter. For full details on our Insurance cover, click here.

    If you believe that any incident is covered under the Insurance Services, you must provide us with written notice of the incident, along with all material documentation available to you evidencing the foregoing (e.g. invoices and veterinary notes from the initial veterinary examination), no later than seven (7) days after the end date that the Pet Services were provided under the relevant Booking.

    For property damage we have a specific Damage guideline in place.  To read about our Damage guideline, click here. In addition, we also have a helpful article which explains what to do in case of emergenciesHelp, there’s an emergency!