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Hannah - Trusted Pet Sitter

“Max had a greet staycation, a home away from home and was very well looked after by Hannah. Will be using again and would definitely recommend to other pampered pooch owners. Hassle free and takes the worry out of going away and finding somewhere for the dogs.” – Fraser, Brisbane QLD

Paulette - Trusted Pet Sitter

“Paulette was a fantastic pet minder! We know Archie and Bailey are going to miss being with her!! We can’t thank her enough for talking great care of them! The kids ware loving all the photos and videos that Paulette sent us. We couldn’t ask for someone better and we know.” – Wendy, Bondi NSW

Greg - Trusted Pet Sitter

“Greg and co looked after our dog Morgan better than I could have imagined. We lost our house in a fire and they have given us piece of mind through genuine love and care. I not only recommended but insist you use their services. Greg is a great and reliable communicator.”- Alex, St Kilda VIC

Guinea Pig Sitting

We all know that you love your little guinea pigs and want to provide the best most fulfilling care that you can, but sometimes everyday life and holiday plans do not mix well together. We get it. Car rides can be stressful for a small, fragile guinea pig.  While you may love your little guinea pig above all others, we understand that you are probably not planning on taking them with you to your next hiking adventure in a national park, tropical island adventure or next boardroom business trip. Guinea pigs don’t require much care, but that doesn’t mean that you want to leave them at home – they might get lonely in the quiet, still house.

Without you, they’ll need someone to refill their hay and keep them company, if only for a few hours. If you have a precious guinea pig, then looking for a temporary friend while you are away, can be a great solution. Here at Mad Paws, we’ve got you covered.  Whether you’d prefer house and pet sitting at your own home, pet hosting at the sitters home or someone to just pop in every so often to care for your pet, we have a range of suitable options.  Just set up their playpen and let our friends take care of all their exercise and play needs.

Don’t take your pet to just any guinea pig boarding facility, let people who really care about the well-being and happiness of your pet watch over them while you’re away.  Our trusted guinea pig sitters will ensure that their cage is clean, their hay is full and they have fresh water anytime they need it. And you can even see how the guinea pig boarding process is going while you’re away! Our peace of mind guarantee means you will get a text and photo updates of your pet throughout the time that they are in guinea pig sitting.

Still not sure if this is the pet boarding service for you? Go to our homepage and check out some of our available sitters for your guinea pig! You can even schedule to do a meet & greet with them. Give your four legged friend the care they need with Mad Paws!

How Does Mad Paws Work?

In three easy steps

1. Search for Guinea Pig Sitters

Find trusted and caring Guinea Pig Sitters offering guinea pig boarding in your neighbourhood

2. Book a Guinea Pig Sitter

Meet & Greet your Guinea Pig Sitter and book your first guinea pig boarding session

3. Have peace of mind

You’ll receive regular text and photo updates, free insurance and 7 day customer support

Peace of Mind with Local, Trusted and Insured Pet Sitters

Trusted Community

Verified Pet Sitter profiles, customer reviews and ratings.

Free Mad Paws Insurance

All guinea pig sitting booked through Mad Paws is covered by liability insurance.

Booking Guarantee

If your Pet Sitter is no longer available, Mad Paws makes sure your pet is cared for by another.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Mad Paws?

    Mad Paws is your #1 go-to pet sitting community online in Australia, where pet owners can find trusted verified and insured pet sitters near their homes. With more than 8,000 trusted sitters, you can book in any pet-related services such as pet sitting, dog walking, day care or house visiting. Whether you are going for a few hours or for an extended holiday, Mad Paws wants you to enjoy your holiday with peace of mind, knowing that your pet is not only safe, but also having fun!

    Mad Paws is best explained in this video!

    For more information about how to find a pet sitter, click here.

    Mad Paws also wants to give you the best customer experience – so if we can ever help, please contact us by email –

  2. What other services does Mad Paws offer?

    Unlike traditional pet minding services such as kennels and veterinary clinics, we offer a wide and unique range of services that aim to engage and make your pet feel as loved and as happy as they do at home. The services that are available through Mad Paws are:

    • Pet Sitting – Is overnight pet sitting in the pet’s home. The pet sitter can house sit and pet sit at the same time.
    • Pet Hosting – Is overnight care at the sitter’s home. This is where your pet goes and stay’s at the pet sitters’ house.
    • Doggy Day care – Is daytime care for your pet, this can be done either in the pet’s house or the pet sitters’ house.
    • Dog walking – Is where a pet sitter can come and walk your dog for you, the length of these dog walks are flexible depending on the needs of your pet.
    • House Visits – Is where a pet sitter can come once or twice a day, to check on your pet’s and feed them. They can also spend an hour or two with your pets as you require.
    • Pet Grooming – Is our Pet Grooming service, and can be done either at your house or at the pet sitters’ house.
    • Dog Training – Is our dog training service, and can be done either at your house or at the pet sitters’ house.

    Service rates will vary in price depending on the age and size of the pet, the number of dogs, and the length of the stay. Make sure you read all the information on the sitter’s profile before making a booking. We also strongly recommend completing a Meet & Greet to discuss the details of the booking as well as meeting the pet sitter prior to the booking.

    To find the perfect pet sitter on Mad Paws you will need to follow the steps outlined here.

  3. What does the Mad Paws Insurance cover?

    At Mad Paws, the safety of our pet owners, pet sitters and pets is of the utmost importance. We want our pet sitters to be able to provide a fun, and safe service, but not have to foot the bill for an insurance premium to helping out their local community members! This is why we, at Mad Paws, have organised and arranged a Public Liability insurance policy which provides Insurance for all pet sitting services booked in through the Mad Paws website.

    The insurance policy applies for all services booked through This includes:

    • Boarding (Pet Sitting or Pet Hosting);
    • House Visits;
    • Pet Day Care;
    • Dog Training;
    • Dog Walking;
    • Cat Care;
    • Bathing;
    • Grooming;
    • Transportation.
    Mad Paws offers free Public Liability insurance (not to be confused with the usual illness cover that most pet owners already have for their pets). Public liability covers any damage or injury to a third party or their property which is due to negligence of the pet sitter whilst the pet is under the pet sitter’s care. Please note that there is a $350 deductible for any Insurance case, and this is payable by the pet sitter. For full details on our Insurance cover, click here.

    If you believe that any incident is covered under the Insurance Services, you must provide us with written notice of the incident, along with all material documentation available to you evidencing the foregoing (e.g. invoices and veterinary notes from the initial veterinary examination), no later than seven (7) days after the end date that the Pet Services were provided under the relevant Booking.

    For property damage we have a specific Damage guideline in place.  To read about our Damage guideline, click here. In addition, we also have a helpful article which explains what to do in case of emergenciesHelp, there’s an emergency!

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