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Join the Mad Paws team!

Mad Paws Pty Ltd ( is a VC-backed, Sydney-based tech startup. We are Australia’s largest market place for pet sitting and pet related services. We launched only 2 years ago and have been showing strong and accelerated growth, which we are very excited about. Our team is driven, capable and very hard working! We are young and hungry; enjoying every minute of this exciting adventure with a clear goal to win! YOU can be part of this exciting new chapter from the very beginning! Are you a winner? Are you driven by a passion for making an impact? Are you keen to learn?


Project Summary
Mad Paws wants to understand our data better and explore the value that data science can bring to the table. We would like to engage a data scientist to help:

  1. Understand the nature of the data problems we want to solve
  2. Define the scope and requirements of such a project
  3. Implement said project given development resource constraints (which are all focused on the Rebuild Project).
  4. Analyse, interpret results and deliver a report to Mad Paws.

The data scientist will report to Chris (Head of Product) but work closely with business stakeholders where required.

As a placeholder for conversation, we have two projects listed below to be considered for completion.

1. Project 1: Minority Repawt

1.1 Problem Statement
How might we quantify leakage and flag potential offline conversations to admins?

1.2 Context
Offline transactions (or disintermediation) is a universal issue facing marketplaces that bridge online-offline interactions. Mad Paws wants to better understand what are the underlying factors that may correlate to a booking that doesn’t occur on our platform, and if possible flag potential conversations to admins to prevent them.

2. Project 2: Finding Our Power User’s North Star

2.1 Problem Statement
How might we identify the strongest indicators that lead to a user turning into a power user?

2.2 Context
All startups need to define the “one metric that matters” that, when met, leads to a user turning into a power user. Some organisations call this a “leading indicator”, a metric that predicts future performance as opposed to a “lagging indicator” which observes historical performance. E.g. Facebook’s leading indicator of an engaged user later on was the user reaching 7 friends within 10 days of signing up. What are our leading indicators for our power users? 


Ideal candidate

  • Communicator. You are a top-notch assertive, communicator. You love giving presentations, maybe you have done some public speaking.

  • T-Shaped Skillset. Your degree is not as important as your skillset. We want a T-shaped specialist with deep technical data science knowledge but willingness to grow and understand the business and user experience.

  • Details Obsessed. You often find yourself look at a product/business model and ask 5 x Whys to figure out the intent behind its design.

  • Love Data. You live and breathe database schemas, wrangling and making sense of complex data sets and interpretting numbers that help the business solve real problems.

  • Intrinsically Motivated. You’re an expert at “googling something”. You prefer being given goals as opposed to tasks.

  • Pets. Duh. Woof! You have an affinity with pets; this will help you understand our users better who absolutely love pets;

  • Team Player. You are a great team player and have ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment;


Required Skills and Experience

  • Education: Bachelor Comp Sci or IT or Software Engineering or Data Science

  • Skills:

    • Ability to validate and interpret large complex data sources

    • Strong analytical ability, involving conducting in-depth data analysis and creating insightful reports

    • Advanced Excel skills

  • Know the tools of the trade. None of these are strictly compulsory however it goes without saying that you need to be proficient in at least 2-3 of these tools:

    • Databases (MySQL, PSQL, MongoDB)

    • Scripting Language (Python, Javascript)

    • Statistics Tools (e.g. R)

    • Front End Languages a bonus (CSS and Javascript) for scraping

When and where is this happening:

  • Looking to fill the position ASAP. Christmas is just on our doorstep and we’re expecting to double our growth!

  • Based in Sydney. Own office but also part of the Sharing Hub.


We’re super excited to receive your applications and we can’t wait to meet you!

  • Please e-mail your CV and motivation letter to Chris (Head of Product) via