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Casual Dog Walker | Mad Paws

Do you love dogs? Wish you had your own but can’t? Want to make some more money for Christmas? Get paid to become a casual dog walker with Mad Paws! 


Due to their busy schedules, some pet owners just don’t have the time to take their pooch for regular walks. That’s where you come in! As a casual Dog Walker with Mad Paws, you get to have all the fun of taking dogs to the park, beach or just a stroll around town AND you get paid for it! If you already have a regular job or are just looking for some casual holiday work, a casual Dog Walker position is perfect for you as it can work around your schedule. Use our interactive calendar to set which days you’re free and which you’re not. 


You have complete control as a casual Dog Walker with Mad Paws: 

  • Set your own prices 
  • Decide which size dogs you’re happy to walk 
  • Use your calendar to set your own schedule 

In order to protect you (the dog walker), the pet and the owner, all bookings made through Mad Paws are covered by our Premium Public Liability Insurance. If ever you have a problem, our Mad Paws Customer Success Team are on hand to help you out every step of the day.

Sign up as a casual dog walker with Mad Paws today! 

LOCATION: Australia 


Are you a Pet Owner looking for a local walker? Book a Mad Paws Dog Walker in your local community.