Mad Paws Feedback Policy - Mad Paws

Mad Paws Feedback Policy

As a important feature of our service, Mad Paws encourages Pet Owners to review stays and provides opportunities for Pet Minders to get feedback. As such we politely ask and require that all community members respect and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Be polite and respectful: reviews are for sharing your experiences, whether positive or negative, and not for personal attacks.
  • Be accurate, honest, truthful and stick to the facts. Speak only from the experience you received.
  • Keep language clean and appropriate.

Claims of mistreatment and harmful action towards either pet or Minder is taken very seriously and is handled by both the Mad Paws team and will be referred to the respected animal welfare services, such as the RSPCA. Any review containing such claims will be deemed private and will initiate an investigation.

Any claims viewed to be deemed false and just a personal attack may result in suspension of your account.

We at Mad Paws have a zero tolerance policy on not only personal attacks but discrimination against either Pet Minders or Owners due to their; race, religion, beliefs, sexuality, sexual orientation, political association, etc. We also prohibit:

  • Reviews that don't represent personal user experience.
  • Violations against another persons or entity’s rights, including privacy rights and intellectual property rights (publishing full contact details for example).
  • Threats against any person or property, including pets.
  • Content that is seen to be used as extortion.

Mad Paws openly supports and encourages open communication, but any violation against this policy will result in removing or reviews or responses and if we feel need be, an investigation against said reviewer if deemed to be of seriousness.