HELP! I don't know which Minder to choose, they're all quite good?!?! - Mad Paws

HELP! I don’t know which Minder to choose, they’re all quite good?!?!

Well it's awesome to see you've narrowed down your choices, so here are some helpful tips to determine the Pet Minder of best fit:

  1. Contact the Minder that you think is best for you; introduce yourself and your special best friend. Clarify and discuss your pet; its behaviour, traits, preferences, and special requirements (i.e. medicine).
  2. Discuss what the experience is that your pet may have while being with this minder, get to know your sitter minder express the expectations you would like from your pet’s stay, such as the care your pet with receive on the trip.
  3. If this goes well organise a Meet & Greet. These are essential as you get to see firsthand how your pet and the Minder will interact prior to booking. When organising, choose a place that is comfortable for both of you, such as either's home or a cafe. If the Minder has a pet too, please consider a neutral location where the pet won't feel territorial, such as a local park.
  4. At this Meet & Greet plan on discussing: feeding and bathroom schedule, special needs or medication, where the pet will sleep/eat, where/when your pet will go for walks, vet and emergency contact information, and the best way to be reached when you're away.

If all goes to plan and you feel the Pet Minder is suitable, just hop on Mad Paws and book away!