Where do I find a Minder's contact information? - Mad Paws

Where do I find a Minder’s contact information?

Keeping in accordance with our Privacy Policy, Mad Paws does not display a Minder’s contact information publicly, until a Pet Owner has booked a stay with them.

Although, if you have begun chatting on Mad Paws with a Pet Minder, they can choose to share their private details with you – especially if you arrange a Meet & Greet with them prior to booking. To begin a chat with them, go to their profile page, and click Contact.

Once the Minder pre-approves your booking request, you will be able to see their contact information in your message with that specific Minder.

If a Pet Minder is watching your pet at your home, only a phone number will be publicly sent to you. It is up to you to provide your address and any other contact details the Minder may need.