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What’s the difference between pet hosting and pet sitting?

Depending on how comfortable you or the pet is, you can choose to mind the pet in your own home or travel to the Pet Owner's home, where the pet may find the environment more familiar, friendly and comfortable – this is called 'pet sitting'. It may also require you to go to the Pet Owner's home if the pet is too big to transport to your own home, for example, a horse. (Note: we currently do not offer any insurance for animals other than pets and cats).

As Pet Minder, you can choose to either spend the nights at the client's home or if close enough to your own home, offer drop-in visits. It will depend on the agreement that you and the client come to. If you prefer to have the pets only at your home, this is referred to as 'pet hosting.'

When completing a profile, make sure that potential clients understand the kind of care and services you can provide so they know what to receive from you before there stay. Be sure to update your profile to include only the services you can offer.