Help there's an emergency! - Mad Paws

Help there’s an emergency!

Don't panic! If the pet is sick or injured call your local vet and report the issue. 

In the case that a pet does run away, the Pet Minder should follow these steps:

  1. Inform the Pet Owner about what has happened and have good communication with them throughout the process of retrieving the pet.

  2. Call all relevant authorities to help find the pet e.g. The local Pound, the local Vet, Council Rangers and the RSPCA etc

  3. The Pet Minder needs to contact Mad Paws, either by phone or email ( with EMERGENCY in the subject line), to let us know that the pet is missing. You will also need to provide details about how the pet ran away.

  4. Search the areas nearby where the pet may have run away to e.g. nearby parks, it may have tried to go home etc.

To prevent these situations from becoming emergencies, have an up to date record of both your pet and your client's pet’s medical history, immunizations, diet and special requirements. We highly recommend a Meet & Greet for this reason and to share this information before the visit.