How can I promote my business? - Mad Paws

How can I promote my business?

As a start up we at Mad Paws completely understand how difficult promoting a business can be. As such, we're committed and passionate about helping you establish a suitable business, to highlight your skills and attract new and loyal Pet Owners.

The most beneficial and helpful option is for you to ask for a Meet & Greet with Pet Owners, which allows both yourself and the Pet Owner to know that your home is of the highest standard and quality for them to leave their pets with you.

Another option is to have a well-written profile. It's the first time a Pet Owner will read about you, so you want to engage and 'pitch' yourself and your home to them. You also want them to feel comfortable in taking the next step in messaging you or in organising a Meet & Greet.

Finally here are some quick tricks to attract people to your listing:

  • Get your friends and family to write testimonials about you, how you care for pets, and your love and passion for them.
  • Be open to providing extra or more services, e.g. 2 dog walks a day rather than say one and bathing and grooming.
  • To initially attract customers that will become loyal and returning, set your price lower than the average in the market; perhaps $5 to $10 lower per night.
  • When you are minding their pet, provide and share lots of pictures of the pet for the Pet Owner, and in doing so promoting your profile.
  • Check out our badges and request to have those relevant added to your profile.

After the booking, encourage the customer to write a review. Positive reviews and good ratings help bring in new customers.