How do I improve my position in search results? - Mad Paws

How do I improve my position in search results?

Depending on what the owners search looked like (post code, vacation times, size of pet), your position on the search results may vary. Though if the search queries the Pet Owner has selected match your profile, then here are some simple tips to increase your search ranking/position:

  • Respond to inquiries as quickly as possible; our top Minders here at Mad Paws respond to 100% of the booking requests within 24 hours.
  • Turning these requests into booked stays also helps. You should aim to book at least 1 request out of every 3 minding requests. You should also continuously update your profile information and calendar availability when need be, so you only receive requests that you can actually fulfil.
  • Providing a great experience will get you repeat bookings and loyal customers. One way to do this is to continuously send photos through the Mad Paws website, to assure Pet Owners that their pets are getting extra special care and attention. Another way is to tell the Pet Owner how amazing the experience was and that you'd love to watch them again when they come and pick up their special little pet.
  • Adding great testimonials from past pet Minding experiences to your profile will also increase your chances of getting your first pet minding job. You can also look at adding badges to your profile:

Once you get Pet Owner clients, remind them to leave an excellent review on your profile and try and earn a 5-star review. This way you not only get returning loyal customers but also new Pet Owners who are new to Mad Paws.