I want to become a Pet Minder, where do I sign up? - Mad Paws

I want to become a Pet Minder, where do I sign up?

Pawesome to hear!!! To apply you just need to:

  • Write a description about yourself and your service, requiring a minimum of 75 words.
  • Upload at least one photo of yourself and two photos of your home, one interior and one of the rear.
  • We have many services that you can select so choose the ones which you can offer – the more the better!
  • It highly advisable to request testimonials of a friend, family member, or a previous client who's familiar with your past pet minding experience, and with you and your personality skills.

Ready to sign up? Awesome, just click 'Become a Sitter', tell us a few things about yourself by filling in the required fields, verify your phone number, agree to our terms of service, and then click 'Save and Continue'. Simple, right!?

After this we will review your profile before it goes live and help you create a profile that stands out from the crowd and attracts clients, that will be a sure way to get customers from the get go.