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Get Your Badges

What is a Badge?

Badges are little "digital stickers" that we can add to your pet sitting profile. They help boost your ranking on our website, and make your profile more attractive to potential clients. And the best thing about our badges is: they are free! All you have to do is ask for the ones you are eligible for, by either emailing us at with the required documentation, or by uploading the required documentation in your Dashboard! 

Below we have added some short descriptions of what each badge is for:

Identity Verification Badge


This badge is awarded to you once we receive a copy of any form of photo identification. This could be a scan of your passport, identity card, or driver's licence.

It creates confidence in pet owners as they are assured you are a genuine pet sitter. This is a mandatory badge before we can officially approve your Mad Paws pet sitter profile, so don't forget to upload the required documentation in your Mad Paws Dashboard!

Police Check Badge


This badge will be added to your pet sitter profile once we have received proof that a police check was performed. Please note that if you already have a previous police check, it should not be more than one year old! If you don't have a police check yet, click here to sign up via our partner, Checked.

Pet owners feel more confident to leave their pets with sitters that have obtained a police background check. Having this badge will significantly increase exposure to your profile and it will position your profile on the first pages of our search results. We highly recommend this badge! You can now upload your Police Check in your Mad Paws Dashboard.

Online Training Badge


This badge is awarded to you once you have completed our tailor-made Pet Sitter Online Training course and we have received your Certificate of Completion. 

The free 20-minute course provides you with a bunch of tips & tricks on how to be a professional pet sitter on Mad Paws and how to boost your business! Click here to access the course! 

The completion of this online course is mandatory for all new pet sitter applicants. We also highly recommend our more experienced pet sitters to use this opportunity to get a refresher crash course! You can now upload your course certificate in your Mad Paws Dashboard!


Ambassador Badge


This badge can be given to you when you have repeatedly received 20 star customer reviews, have shown genuine interest in building a lasting relationship with Mad Paws, and have proven to be a very trustworthy pet sitter who is great at caring for animals. 

Administering Medication Badge


This badge can be given to you as long as you are comfortable with administering medication to pets. 

Having this on your profile shows pet owners, especially ones who have pets with special needs, that you are a great candidate to contact. It indicates you are truly engaged with the pet's health, and are able to provide slightly more advanced pet care.

Vet Student / Nurse / Certificate Badge

This badge can be given to you when you are a vet, vet nurse, studying vet sciences, or hold a certificate in animal handling. 

Having this badge creates a lot of trust with pet owners. More people will naturally be comfortable trusting you with their beloved pets, as it shows you're qualified as a pet sitter and have solid experience in working with animals.

Fenced Garden Badge

You will receive this badge once you confirm with us that you have a fenced garden. You can do this by sending us a photo of your backyard which visibly shows the fence around it.

Many pet owners prefer that their pets are able to play outdoors freely without you having to walk them all the time.



Upload the necessary documentation in your Mad Paws dashboard, or send us an email to request your badges right now at