Interface Designer (Contract) - Mad Paws

Interface Designer (Contract)


Interface Designer – One-Off Contract with Potential for Ongoing Employment


Join the Mad Paws pack!

Mad Paws ( is a VC-backed, Sydney-based tech startup. We are Australia’s largest marketplace for pet sitting and pet related services. We launched only 2 years ago and have been showing strong and accelerated growth, which we are very excited about. Our team is driven, capable and very hard working! We are young and hungry; enjoying every minute of this exciting adventure with a clear goal to win! YOU can be part of this exciting new chapter from the very beginning! Are you a winner? Are you driven by a passion for making an impact? Are you keen to learn?


Your Role

Are you looking for UI design role that gets you on the ground level of one of Sydney’s hottest (and furriest) technology startups? This is a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we’re going to be working on some amazing projects which will literally change the face of the global pet-tech landscape.


You will contribute to several key projects as a part of this contract.

  1. Redesign of Admin Panel – Apply User Interface Guidelines of Material Design and deliver a full set of screens for development.
  2. User Acceptance Testing – Participate and help manage the facilitation of user acceptance testing in order to get our product to market.
  3. Support Rebuild Project – Support design of the Rebuild of Mad Paws’ platform.


  • Finding the Common Denominator. Understand how to design a cross-platform user experience that’s seamless without diverging too far from the mental models native to each platform.
  • If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It! Adapt and reuse existing design frameworks and component libraries (e.g. Material Design and Ionic) where possible to minimise development time
  • If Is Broke, Fix It! Generate concepts and solutions when existing frameworks do not solve the design problem. Now’s your chance to push the boundaries of interface and visual design.
  • A Little OCD About Assets! Organise logically and create scaleable, design assets. What does this mean? Things like naming the artboards correctly, creating/ reusing symbols, grouping your layers right!
  • Co-create at a Low Fidelity. Collaborate and work closely with our UX designer, product manager and developers to ideate concepts at low fidelities
  • The Devil is in the Details. Turn low fidelity designs into product-ready high-fidelity visual assets, review the copy, get the alignment right and all the dots in the right places.
  • Life’s a Pitch. Confidently present design concepts and articulate design rationale to team members.
  • Empathise, Disagree and Commit. Be open to understanding different points of view and be willing to disagree but commit to a decision.

Ideal candidate

  • Slow Thinker. Some designers are impulsive and work with their gut, they have this intuitive feel for what’s right. There’s a time and place for that designer however we need the type that’s more careful and deliberate. Before jumping into a problem, you stop and understand what really needs to be done. (Hint: if you don’t know what we mean by slow thinking, might be time to brush up on your behavioural psychology)
  • Not Lazy. You’re Lean. You hate waste. You don’t want to do the least amount of work to get the maximum output. That’s why you make sure you understand the scope of a task very well before starting and you reuse as much as possible without creating “design-debt” in terms of the user’s experience and our own design assets.
  • Prioritisation. You get it, sometimes you’re optimising for quality, sometimes you’re optimising for speed. Most importantly, you’re adaptive to changing your working style to meet the particular needs of the task and the project at hand communicated by the Product Manager.
  • Team Player. You’re consultative and you love bringing people along for the journey every step of the way.
  • Quality Assurance. It seems simple enough, but you review and you own your own work. You double, triple check that everything you promised to do has been done before handing it over.
  • Intrinsically Motivated. You’re an expert at “googling something”. You prefer being given goals as opposed to tasks.
  • Radical Candor. You’re not afraid to give feedback honestly and directly whilst caring deeply and personally.
  • Pets. Duh. Woof! You have an affinity with pets; this will help you understand our users better who absolutely love pets;

Required Skills and Experience

  • Work Experience: 1 month – 1 year. You need to display some working experience having applied a design framework. Even more importantly, you must display the right mindset that prioritizes personal growth and learning above all.
  • Education: University degree majoring in one of the following: Human Computer Interaction, Design Computing, Industrial Design, Product Design, Architecture OR a UX intensive course with professional experience in other digital-related roles.
  • Know the tools of the trade. You need to be proficient in the following tools:
    • UI Design Tool (Sketch, Illustrator or equivalent)
    • Interaction Design Tool (like Origami or Principle)
    • HTML and CSS experience is a plus!


So you’ve got the skills, you’re still reading, and you’re wondering if you’ll find a good team fit with us at Mad Paws?

  • If you’re the kind of person who likes seeing something scale really quickly, and loves directly seeing the impact of their work, then you need to get on board. We continue tripling the business every year and we need you to keep doing that! 
  • You love learning from the people around you and love teaching them something new as well.
  • You enjoy working with a passionate and driven team of high performing individuals who respectfully challenge themselves and each other to deliver the best experience for our users
  • You identify with our values:
    • Be the WOW: we are all about the creative hustle, doing more with less to go above and beyond
    • Seek to Understand: we listen without making assumptions and appreciate that we’re all wonderfully different breeds
    • We before Me: we move as a Pack so that no pup gets left behind. We communicate with transparency and act with authenticity
    • Be Humble: noone is a finished product, we’ve all got new tricks to learn
    • Embrace the MADness: our obsessions with pets and people runs deep and we’re not afraid to show it!


When and where is this happening:

  • The contract is for 3 months.
  • Looking to fill the position as soon as possible, but we are determined to find the right fit;
  • Pet-friendly office based in Pyrmont Sydney 


We’re super excited to receive your applications and we can’t wait to meet you!

  • Please e-mail your Design Portfolio, CV and motivation letter to Chris (Head of Product) via