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Pamper Your Pooch


Every pet deserve something a little extra. There are plenty of benefits to give your pet a massage! These benefits are: 

  • Relieve stress – from possibly a dog kennel experience 
  • Increases your pet flexibility
  • Develops and maintains muscles tone
  • Stimulates the body's nerves, muscles, circulatory system & lymphatic system
  • Allows the body to naturally heal itself from injury, strain, surgery and exhaustion
  • Increases the physical and emotional bond between you and your pet! 

Massage Techniques for your Pet!

  1.  Invite your pet to lie down on warm surface. 
  2. Always start off with a warm up by stroking slowly on your pet's head or pat them on the good spots that you know to relieve stress. 
  3. Then gently rub in circular motion behind your pet's ear to the neck to calm the nerves.
  4. Slowly move on to gentle rub on the legs to release muscle tension. 
  5. Finish off with a light massage on the belly.

​Source: Moderndog Website