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Begin Your Career as a Pet Sitter in Bowral

Bowral is a hotspot for pet lovers. If you’re one of them, and you want to make money from your passion, Mad Paws has the right gig for you. Mad Paws is Australia’s most-used online Pet Sitting service, and with demand growing in Bowral, we need local Pet Sitters.


If you become a Pet Sitter with Mad Paws, you get to set your own terms. You can decide on your own Pet Sitting prices, specify which animals you want to Pet Sit, and choose when you want to work. No prior experience is need, and signup is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


What Mad Paws does require from their Pet Sitters is an unbridled passion for animals. We need Sitters who will go the extra step for the pets for whom they’re caring. We want pets who are happier at the end of their pet sit than they were at the beginning. In short, we’re looking for people who can’t say “Bowral” without thinking “Bow wow”.  



Mad Paws Pet Sitters have a range of responsibilities. These include:

  • Exercising the animals’ minds and bodies by walking them, interacting with them, and playing games with them
  • Maintaining the health and hygiene needs of every pet under their watch. This includes serving food and water; cleaning them when appropriate; and monitoring them for any signs of illness or injury
  • Liaising with the Pet Owners to provide them with text and photo updates of their furry friend
  • Contacting the Mad Paws Customer Experience Team if the pet encounters a problem
  • Giving each pet plenty of love and attention


As Mad Paws Pet Sitters dictate their own schedules, Pet Sitting can suit any workload requirement. Do you already work full-time, and are simply looking for an extra after-hours income? Mad Paws can oblige. Does your current timetable only allow for seasonal Pet Sitting over the summer holidays? Mad Paws will cater to your requirements. Are you hoping to build a full-time Pet Sitting business from the ground up? We can facilitate that as well. 


Do you fit the mould of a Mad Paws Pet Sitter? Complete the signup process at the link below!