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Start Your Career as a Mad Paws Pet Sitter in Cairns

If you adore pets, live in Cairns, and want to set your own working conditions, Mad Paws will deliver. As the nation’s largest Pet Sitting platform, Mad Paws is home to countless Pet Owners looking for reliable Pet Sitters. If this sounds like you, Mad Paws would love to hear from you.


Put simply, Mad Paws Pet Sitters get pets. They never hesitate to provide an animal with the care and affection they deserve, and they always exceed expectations. While no experience is necessary, each Pet Sitter is expected to show a passion for pets in everything they do. In exchange, they enjoy total freedom in their work. They decide the amount they’ll charge, the bookings they’ll accept, and the kinds of pets with which they’ll work. Signup is a breeze, and the role is open to entry-level workers and workplace veterans alike. 



Your duties as a Pet Sitter include:

  • Engaging with pets as part of their socialisation with humans
  • Providing the right amounts of food and water for the pets based on their needs
  • Walking and playing with the animals to ensure they remain active
  • Cleaning the pets when required, and assessing their physical state for any signs of poor health or illness
  • Lavishing them with love


Once they’re on the Mad Paws platform, Pet Sitters enjoy a range of benefits. Mad Paws attracts Pet Owners on behalf of their Sitters, meaning Sitters don’t need to invest time in marketing. Mad Paws’ Customer Experience Team is also on standby to assist with any queries, of provide guidance during any difficulties.


Would you like to begin your career as a Pet Sitter in Cairns? If so, sign up today at the Mad Paws website.