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Become a Pet Sitter in Capalaba

Do you enjoy looking after dogs, cats, rabbits or anything else furry? If yes, you can easily

become a paid pet sitter through Mad Paws.

Pet sitting is a great way to earn money from your own home and on your schedule. Signing up

is quick and easy and no experience required! We look for pet sitters who not only love animals,

but are also friendly and happy to go the extra mile for the owner’s pet.

Mad Paws pet sitting is perfect for those looking for seasonal, home-based, entry level or

temporary work. Through the simple and easy to use platform, you can choose when you want

to work and who you want to work for.

Your Responsibilities as a Pet Sitter:

● Play games with pet to ensure they get plenty of exercise.

● Talk to and interact with the animals to familiarize them to human voices or contact.

● Feed or exercise animals or provide other general care, such as cleaning and walking.

● Observe animals' physical conditions to detect illness or unhealthy conditions requiring

medical care.

● Show pet affection.

So you’ve got the skills, you’re still reading, and you’re wondering if you’ll Mad Paws is

the service for you?

● We are the largest online pet sitting service in Australia, so there will be a market for

your services.

● We have an amazing customer support team and Paypal integration to assist your pet

sitting operations. More importantly, we offer insurance on the pets so you can relax

knowing that any emergencies won’t come from your pocket.

● There are opportunities to grow as a pet sitter and become one of the largest pet sitters

in your local area, city or even state!

If this sounds like you, then sign up through our website.

LOCATION: Capalaba