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Pets in Townsville Need Pet Sitters!

Townsville is a pet’s paradise. Perhaps this is due to the climate. Perhaps it’s a result of the pet-loving people. Or maybe – just maybe – it’s thanks to the high calibre of Pet Sitters. Mad Paws Pet Sitters are in high demand in Townsville, which is why we’re searching for more. Will you answer the call?


Being a Mad Paws Pet Sitter isn’t for everyone. While we require no professional experience, we do hold our Sitters to a high standard. We expect each and every Pet Sitter to channel their ardour for pets into every moment of their work. By the end of every Pet Sitting booking, we want the pets to be sad it’s finished. Not everybody can meet these lofty targets – but if you believe you can, we’d be thrilled to hear from you.


The rewards of being a Pet Sitter for Mad Paws are many. For starters, Sitters enjoy autonomy in their approach to work. Have you always wanted to choose when you accept work? How much you charge for your efforts? Which species of animal you Pet Sit? Mad Paws offers you all of these freedoms.  


Mad Paws also takes the hassle out of running your own business. By running nationwide marketing campaigns, we’re able to attract a deep pool of Pet Owners to our platform. This means you don’t need to spend time marketing your services. Instead, you can devote your working hours to your true passion: playing with pets!


Your tasks as a Pet Sitter include:

  • Walking, feeding, playing with, and heaping attention on pets
  • Updating the Pet Owner regularly with messages and photos
  • Keeping an eye on the pets’ wellbeing
  • Contacting Mad Paws and organising vet treatment in a crisis


If you can meet these needs, we invite you to join the Mad Paws Pack. Simply visit the below link to apply!


LOCATION: Townsville