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Pound Paws: for when you’re ready to commit to your own pet

Over 250,000 healthy dogs and cats get euthanized in Australia per year. There are many factors that influence this appalling statistic, for instance: 

  • unregistered backyard breeders
  • puppy and kitten mills 
  • mass production by registered breeders
  • families who let their pets have one litter but are unable to sell the puppies or kittens
  • accidental births from pets which are not de-sexed
  • pet shop marketing displays
  • pets as gifts

One of the main reasons for pets ending up at pounds is the realization from pet owners that the commitment is too much. Either from a financial, emotional or time perspective. It is easy to be captivated by a little cute puppy or kitten, but pets can be a 10-15 year commitment. The reward you get back from your pets, in the amount of love and joy they bring you, is beyond measure. However, they are living and breathing creatures that crave love, food and attention. 

Our partner organization Pound Paws encourages everyone to adopt a pet from a pound, but also wants everyone to realize that this is a long term commitment to provide loving care and protection for your pet. This would include medical care, food, training and safety. As well as providing a safe and loving environment for the pet when you go away on holiday.

The vast majority of owners that use Mad Paws prefer their pets looked after in a home environment, instead of seeing them ‘behind bars’ in a kennel. And many of the pet sitters on our platform have a lot of love and devotion towards animals, but perhaps can’t commit to a pet full time for an extended period of time. Hearing your stories makes us realize how important pets are in your life. And we completely agree!

So please, help us reduce the number of pets that are euthanized every year. If you’re ready to commit, consider adopting a pet from your local shelter. On the Pound Paws website you can search for pets that are currently available for rehoming, as well as shelters in your area. The website is updated daily.


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