Product Management/Marketing Internship (Mid May - Late July) - Mad Paws

Product Management/Marketing Internship (Mid May – Late July)



Join the Mad Paws team!

With 25 million pets and counting, Australians love their pets and leaving them while on holiday, at work or even during the day can be stressful for both animals and their humans! Mad Paws takes away that stress, allowing pet owners to search for nearby sitters and find someone who really cares to look after their best friend when they can’t.

The Mad Paws Pack is made up of a talented and passionate team working towards creating the largest pet community in Australia. We work hard, whilst also making sure to never take ourselves too seriously and enjoy every minute of this exciting adventure.


The Role

Mad Paws is undergoing an exciting transformation in the coming months. We are launching a new platform and we need YOU to help us take off! This Product Management/ Product Marketing Internship is the perfect opportunity to get in at ground level in a high-growth, scaling startup that’s trying to solve huge furry issues! You’ll sit squarely at the intersection of the user experience, marketing AND technology.

Working directly with and receive coaching from our Head of Product, where you’ll learn about customer development, product marketing and how to onboard users to create a seamless experience. If you LOVE pets, and I mean REALLY LOVE pets, and you’re a fantastic, A-grade communicator, this is the internship for you.


Phases of the Internship

This internship has been crafted with the goal of enabling deep learning of how products are built (in a short amount of time) while still delivering business value in a fast-paced lean startup.


  • Phase 1 – Knowing Thy Customer and Getting Out of the Building

    • Learn how to conduct user interviews, and how to observe users the right way! 

    • Organise and facilitate usability testing with real users.

    • Categorising feedback, bugs, issues coming in from customers.

    • Work with customer support to troubleshoot an issue, reproducing a bug or providing technical support.
    • Support the Product Team with backlog triage, grooming and identification of core user needs.


  • Phase 2 – Scaling Product Onboarding

    • Learn how to create SEO-optimised content for our Knowledge Centre.

    • Develop on-boarding tutorials that explain how new functionality works.

    • Develop internal resources on how to “hack around” quirks of the product that won’t be fixed in the near future.


  • Phase 3 – Launching a Product Feature

    • Learn how to create a go-to-market strategy. 

    • Work with Product and Marketing Teams to define the core value propositions to be communicated.

    • Perform Data Analysis in Excel and Mixpanel

    • Learn about Agile project management


Ideal candidate

  • Communicator. You are a top-notch assertive, communicator. You love giving presentations, maybe you have done some public speaking.

  • T-Shaped Skillset. Your degree is not as important as your skillset. We want a T-shaped generalist who can sit across design, technology and business sections of the business.

  • Details Obsessed. You often find yourself look at a product/business model and ask 5 x Whys to figure out the intent behind it’s design.

  • Love Data. Not looking for an expert, but you need to show that you can use some functions in Excel and that you genuinely want to know more.

  • Intrinsically Motivated. You’re an expert at “googling something”. You prefer being given goals as opposed to tasks.

  • Prioritisation. You’re going to Mars, you have 5 objects to take with you, what would you take?!!

  • Pets. Duh. Woof! You have an affinity with pets; this will help you understand our users better who absolutely love pets;

  • Team Player. You are a great team player and have ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment;


Required Skills and Experience

  • Know the tools of the trade. None of these are strictly compulsory however it goes without saying that you need to be proficient in at least 2-3 of these tools:

    • Microsoft Office Suite / Google Docs (Excel is a must)

    • Technical Tools (e.g. SQL, HTML and CSS)

    • Design tools (e.g. photoshop, illustrator, pens and pencil!)

    • Research tools (e.g. root cause analysis, conduct user interviews, value proposition design)

  • Work Experience: Not required, graduate or entry-level invited to apply.

  • Education: B Commerce/Marketing OR B Sc/ B Eng/ B InfoSys


When and where is this happening:

  • This is an unpaid role, we are focussed on the intern’s learning and do not expect to profit from your time with us.

  • Looking to fill the position ASAP. Christmas is just on our doorstep and we’re expecting to double our growth!

  • Based in Pyrmont Sydney. Own office but part of WOTSO Co-Working Space

  • Perks include:

    • Free coffee, cookies and awesome chill out areas (in the building);

    • An amazing team of rockstars who will be your coworkers

    • 15 minutes walk from Town Hall Station;

    • 10 minute walk from Chinatown

    • 1 minute walk from the Sydney Fishmarkets


We’re super excited to receive your applications and we can’t wait to meet you!

  • Please e-mail your CV and motivation letter to Chris (Head of Product) via