Give me the details how I get paid for Pet Minding!

Payments are processed as soon as the stay is booked, which will be done through a message to the Pet Owner. The Owner’s payment will be processed to us, which we will hold prior to and during the stay.

After the stay you can choose to receive it via PayPal or Bank Transfer. Note the balance in your wallet will be after Mad Paws’ 15% fee, which covers all great features including our 10 million dollar liability insurance cover.

Below are the details of the payment flow:

  1. The Pet Owner books the service and pays.
  2. After the job is done, the Minder’s balance will increase with the payment minus 15% that goes to Mad Paws. The Pet Owner confirms the end of stay and leaves a review.
  3. The Minder requests a withdraw of the balance either via PayPal or via their bank account.
  4. We at Mad Paws accept the request (unless a fundamental problem has taken place during the stay in which case we will be in contact and work it out).
  5. The payment is made. 

Watch the following video for a brief summary of the payment process:

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