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Looking for a new pet? Adopt with PETstock!

Adopt a Pet with PETstock

PETstock is more than just a pet products business. Each store is a place where animals of all kinds are loved and celebrated. That’s why PETstock has partnered with some of Australia’s leading animal rescue groups to help animals who need a home. Instead of selling purpose-bred pets, PETstock allows you to adopt a furry friend who is ready for your love.

Through their PETadopt Program, PETstock connects you with homeless dogs or cats looking for a human to call their own. PETstock stores do this by hosting regular adoption days for lovable rescue pets. These adoption days give Pet Owners a chance to meet their new pet and ensure that they’re right for each other.

When you adopt through PETstock, you can be sure that the process is being handled by experts. Animal rescue workers who have cared for your new best friend will guide you through each step. They will tell you everything you need to know, and help you prepare your home for its newest resident. By the time the adoption process is finished, you and your pet will be ready for life together.

All adoption fees are given to the pet rescue group, and cover the costs of your pet’s early welfare. In addition to microchipping, desexing, parasite control, and vaccinations, these fees also cover a behavioural and medical test. This all happens before you adopt, meaning you can take your pet home and shower them with love straight away! 

When you adopt, you not only enrich your life – you make a difference in the life of your new pet.

If you’re looking to bring a furry new member into your family, make the ethical choice. Give a pet a forever home with PETadopt!