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Mad Paws Announces Partnership with Dogzonline

We make it our mission at Mad Paws to understand pets. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Dogzonline – Australia’s leading pure breed dog community. Through this partnership, we will provide our dog-loving Community with the tools they need to expand their furry family. They’ll also be able to meet like-minded Dog Owners, and learn about the panoply of dog breeds in Australia.

For those looking to welcome a pooch into their home, Dogzonline serves as a one-stop source. They provide Australian dog lovers with a definitive list of registered breeders. The website also maintains a nationwide listing of available dogs of all ages and breeds. Are you looking for a Poodle puppy in Coogee, NSW? Dogzonline can assist. Would you like to bring home an older Labrador to your home on the Sunshine Coast, QLD? Dogzonline will give you the most convenient options.

In addition to a listing service, Dogzonline also acts as a news source. If you’re hoping to show off what a good boy your pup really is, Dogzline has just the ticket. Their events page features info for upcoming dog shows, Dog Owner meets, and competitions. Don’t quite feel ready to enter a dog competition? Why not start by growing your knowledge of dog types at the Dogzonline Dog Breed Index? This list serves as a Who’s Who of all the dog breeds recognised by the Australian National Kennel Club. With a couple of clicks, you’ll be an expert!

This partnership works for us for two reasons. Firstly, it allows Pet Owners to connect with new furry friends through Dogzonline’s listings. Secondly, it connects Pet Sitters with info on dog breeds and dog welfare. We want the best for every member of our Community – which is why we’re thrilled to have teamed up with Dogzonline.

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Learn more about the wonderful world of canines at Dogzonline!