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PETstock's Pet ID Tags combine style and substance for your furry friend!

Pet ID Tags

Sometimes your pet can run too fast, jump too far, or wander further than they mean to. At times like this, a Pet ID Tag will help to bring them home!

With a Pet ID Tag from PETstock, your pet will be identifiable wherever they go. All details are personalised and engraved on your pet’s ID Tag, which will be done for FREE when you purchase your tag from a PETstock store. That way, if your pet goes missing, people will know at a glance what their name is, where they’re from, and how to contact you.   

We also don’t believe that style and substance are mutually exclusive, which is why our Pet ID Tags are crafted to make your furry friend shine. Pet ID Tags come in an array of designs and colours, meaning you can give your pet the unique look they deserve. Are they a cultured, refined kitty who prides themselves on wanting the very best in life? Treat them to a chic chrome cat’s paw design. Are they a rough-and-tumble German Shepherd who would rather roll in the mud than enter a dog show? A sturdy bronze dog bone design will be much more their speed.

PETstock can also provide you with the perfect collar for your pet’s neck. An ID Tag is crucial, but won’t help them much if they’re able to slip out of their collar. Choosing a collar that balances comfort with security isn’t always easy, but PETstock can give your pet just what they need.

Keep your pet safe and stylish. Buy them a Pet ID Tag from PETstock today!