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Give your furry friend the best start in life with PETstock Puppy School!

Puppy School

Have you just welcomed a puppy into your home? Do you want to give them the very best start in life? If so, look no further than PETstock Puppy School!

The habits learned by your puppy during their first months will shape them for the rest of their lives. A well-trained puppy will grow into a happy, healthy, and obedient dog – but a lack of training could sew the seeds for long-term behavioural problems. PETstock Puppy School solves this problem by giving you and your pooch the tools you need to succeed. After a six-week course, the two of you will have laid the foundations for a lifelong friendship.

Each program is designed to slot into your busy schedules, and can cater to your dog at any age. Caring for an eight-week-old puppy? The Puppy Pre-School course will teach subjects like toilet training and grooming. Looking to train a fully grown dog? The Senior class will cover more advanced material, ranging from dog tricks to bad habit corrections.

Puppy School trainers understand that each dog is unique, and learns in a different manner to the puppy sitting next to them. This is why they tailor their teaching method to each “student”, allowing them to learn at their own pace. They also provide for all levels of training experience, from Dog School first timers to training course veterans. Owners will also learn as much as their furry friends, making this a worthwhile experience for dogs and humans alike.

All dogs are fully vetted for vaccinations and flea treatments, so you can ensure that your furry friend will be in a safe and healthy environment. Schools are based nationwide, and are waiting to celebrate your puppy’s graduation.

What are you waiting for? Contact PETstock and enrol your pooch in Puppy School today!